A way back machine question about some Nailhead's bought in Fitchburg MA..

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by PGSS, Mar 11, 2018.

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    Back in the late 198o's I sold quite a few bunch of Nailhead parts, a factory dual quad intake, a factory Q jet intake, all the related carbs, a complete 401, new solid lifter cam, TH400 etc, etc to a man that also happened to buy my old complete running 401 from my 66 GS that had ended up in a junkyard.. I really should have parted the car or did a frame swap:(
    Only info I have is he was a Postman in Fitchburg MA and was to put it in a 40 Ford pickup..
    Just a off the wall question to see if its a small world and someone has any ties to these parts or the 40 Ford itself..
    It's also weird that I bought the complete 401 from the same area maby 10 years earlier. It was suppositly a full rebuilt, minus the solid cam installed but had it and all the parts in boxes plus a brand new dual 4 offy intake..
    Another man I met in about 2000 at "again"!! a Fitchburg MA car show had a fantastic mint, yellow 1966 Wildcat GS and was as a nice as they come. He invited me to his house to show me a few other 64 and 65 Wildcats he had and I regret never taking him up on his offer..
    Wondering also if he is a member here?
    And no Jimmy Sheils has no info on this.:(.
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    I don't know the first guy, but the 2nd guy with the cars sounds like "John". He's a member of the Minuteman Buick club, I don't think he's a member here.
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    That's great:) Thanxmr69..

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