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Discussion in 'The Big Chill' started by Briz, Aug 8, 2019.

  1. Briz

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    After doing some reading on a members over heating problem and then some of the replies suggested a radiator from Dewitt Radiator. researched the company, read reviews , watched vids then Went ahead and ordered one with the 1.25" tubes and extra big trans cooler installed.It was pricey but should help solve the dreaded temp creep during extended highway drives in the Riv. The rise in temp is much quicker when using the A/C for obvious reasons. So I got to thinking if the alumn radiator is that much more effective at cooling the engine, then a aluminum A/C condenser should do the same for cooling and condensing the freon . Whats in there now is steel with steel fins. Its not dirty or plugged. Do any of you know of a company making a replacement for the condensers? if not Im sure I could make something else work.
  2. telriv

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    Many A/C condensers are aluminum going back to the late 50's. I believe your Riv. also has an aluminum condenser as I know '63-'65 Rivs are aluminum.
  3. Briz

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    It looks steel. Never had it out of the car.could be wrong. Would a aftermarket unit be of any advantage?
  4. 69a-body

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    Parallel flow is where you get increased efficiency. Any oem built in the last 20 years probably are that style, and because of the industry some of the replacement parts are of the same construction. Example, a 79 ford truck condenser is now available in parallel flow from the parts store. Original was tube and fin.
  5. Gary L244169

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    Check out this place they have the correct replacement Classic Condenser specialists.
    these are aluminum. I got a new unit no problem fit great.

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