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    Hi all, I got caught out with a bad alternator on my 1968 Wildcat as my "gen " light never worked. I can see that the regulator has been removed and a alternator with the built in reg has been installed in the past. I would like to stick to that type alternator , but is there an easy way to use the later alternator and have a working dash warning light?
    I plan to add a gauge at some point, but like to still have a warning light as well.
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    George Nenadovich's directions for making this modification to a regulator-integrated alternator are simple and very good. Using this I basically bolted in a 94 amp unit from a 1987 G-body (Duralast DL7194-6-3) three wire job. You'll want to upgrade your charging lead to 10 gauge. Pigtail available at Autozone. Swap a pulley since these were from serpentine systems. This has been in place for 15 or so years and never been a problem. Idjut light works, etc. Powers the ignition, big electric fan, high power stereo, cigar lighter, trunk light, lol.

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  3. 68 Wildcat

    68 Wildcat Wildcat parts? What Wildcat parts?

    That's a great easy to follow link! Thanks a lot for that! Beautiful engine bay.
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