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    I know it's probably on here in a tech write up but I wanted to get some input from the Buick 350 folks.

    I'm still running the stock externally regulated alternator, this engine came out of a '71 Buick Skylark. I'm running all the stock Skylark bracketry.
    (I can't post links or pic's here yet, but I have pic's if it matters)

    About every 2-3 years the voltage regulator goes south, followed shortly by the alternator, it's that time again, voltage regulator went south on the last wheeling trip, cooked the battery like usual, replaced and now I get the typical alternator bearing whine accompanied by the flickering idiot light and some minor surging.

    It's simple enough to just swap it out and wait for the next set to die but I'm open to an internally regulated upgrade.
    What's the best option for this?
    Something simple (I'm electrically challenged) with the proper clocking?

  2. shang442

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    What used to be the really hot alternator swap ... and is probably the "easiest" is to get a Delco 12SI alternator. Very common 80's internally regulated alternator used on every GM application under the sun. Look for something like a Riviera application for max amps.

    The housings are all the same, but the clocking might not be the best for your application ... however the are VERY simple to re-clock. Pull the 4 housing bolts out and twist it to where you need it. No need to take it apart (unless it won't spin).

    If you do have to take it apart, you will need an impact to get the pulley nut off, then you will need a piece of wire, something like a straightened paper clip to hold the brushes in place until you put it back together. Very simple .... Plenty of info on the web for it.

    If you want a bigger badder alternator upgrade ... early 90's cars used the CS144 (think '94 Roadmaster) with the same case. These can still be purchased brand new. However it will require pigtail adapters for a clean install. www alternatorparts com is a good source of parts and info.
  3. Macjeeper

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    Hey Tad,

    I'm still running with my originally equipped 35 amp Motorola Alternator on my 1970 J-3000 Gladiator, basically just enough power for a farm tractor.

    Anyway, It's cheap for me to run them still, just changed my last one on Sunday, out of 3 total, I'm looking for more to use as spares.....purist in me to continue using them, who needs more power to run Stereo's?

    Anybody willing to part there old Motorola Alternators?

    BTW I have never seen the optional 40 amp alternator that Jeep offered.

    Thanks, Mac

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