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Discussion in 'Projects' started by Smartin, Jan 14, 2019.

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    I hope to get started on this pretty soon. I’ve had it since MCACN, as I was in the area already and figured we would save some $ by bringing it back here at that time, rather than making another trip.

    This one will get paint and stainless, similar to the blue 57 I did a few years ago. The owner had done some detail work on the engine already, and has provided a complete parts car as well as all the parts that have come of the car to get it to this point.

    It appears to be pretty solid, with the exception of some issues in a couple of the doors, and a bit in the hood lip.

    This will be painted with single stage black to retain somewhat of period originality. I won’t be spraying lacquer...mostly because of the lifespan of that type of paint.

    I was hoping to get the parts car completely taken apart before I start this, but I need to get moving on it. I have a tentative goal of mid June for the BCA national meet in OKC.

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  2. Smartin

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    Lots of little stuff to do on this one. Owner is going a different direction so the scope of the project will change a bit, but it will leave here pretty.

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    What are his plans?
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    Hes has another car that is taking priority and I'm going to clean this one up as bast I can so it can be sold.
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    I replaced the front driver door with one from the parts car I have here. The original one wasn't original to the car...and rotted at the bottom faster than the rest of the car. Same thing happened with the left fender. It was a replacement from a fender bender years ago, and was rusted out pretty good. I also replaced the rear left glass from the parts car. A "new" gas tank went in today, replacing the one pictured. Not only did it have multiple leaks on the bottom with sketchy patches, the sending unit has seen better days. Once the tank was in, I ran a new fuel line all the way from tank to pump. Yes, it is 100% rubber line. 57 and 58 Buicks all were this way.

    I hung most of the front inner sheet metal today as well. I plan on getting all of the sheet metal hung and gapped, then doing some light body work and shooting the whole car black. I also need to complete some mechanical assembly that did not get finished prior to me picking the car up from the owner. It'll be a pretty car, but basically a driver deal.

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