Any information on this car?

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  1. marc1

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    Does anyone have information on this car:

    These is not a single sentence on the Mecum site. Does it have the born with drivetrain, documentation, history etc. This is the type of information I am looking for if anyone is familiar with it.

  2. flynbuick

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    It is a nice looking car. It does have some obvious mistakes under the hood which can be corrected:

    Washer bottle cap;
    Alternator fan;
    Battery cables;
    Cowl air inlets;
    Hose clamps.

    The radiator and the battery cables will be the most expensive obvious items to correct.
  3. hugger

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    Top rad support plate, fan shroud, rad hose, cowl screen , missing rad cross bars, are wrong also

    Steering wheel has been wrapped,.brake pedal pad is aftermarket and I'm willing to bet money that's an aftermarket tach
  4. 1969RIVI

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    My dream car right there!:D:D I would sell my house and live in the trunk for a real Apollo White 70 GSX. The kids and wife can go stay with grandma lol

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