Anyone used the Del-A-Lum bushings in stock front control arms?

Discussion in 'The whoa and the sway.' started by Canadian GS 350, May 29, 2019.

  1. Canadian GS 350

    Canadian GS 350 Well-Known Member

    If so, any positive or negative feedback?
    I’m going to do the front bushings, thought I might try something different than the stock rubber.
    The intent is to eliminate any possible squeaks and have better suspension travel for 1/4 mile fun.
  2. hugger

    hugger Well-Known Member

    They are the absolute best option
  3. 69GS400s

    69GS400s own amusement ride!

    agree ..
  4. DasRottweiler

    DasRottweiler -BuickAddict-

    Guttem on the top, rubber on the bottom. I'm swapping out the front drums to discs this winter and will be changing the lowers to Del-a-lums then.
    I also run 3way adjustable drag shocks .
    Car plants MT drag radials 275/50-15s.
  5. OHC JOE


    I have them in my Firebird
    Rides awesome.
    No issues
  6. Canadian GS 350

    Canadian GS 350 Well-Known Member

    Thanks. This will be the winter project plus the turbo 400 build and 9.5 stall.

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