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Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by hvramesq, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. hvramesq

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    Hi all,

    Heeding advise to install gauges and not rely on idiot lights. also bought copper lines and will not use nylon.
    My question is what is the best place to thread the copper oil pressure line and the water temperature probe through the firewall. I really do not want to drill any holes and hoping I can use exiting ones.

  2. 12lives

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    It looks like you have a 70 GS 455. There is a rubber grommet where the HVAC vacuum lines go thru the firewall behind the dash.
  3. hvramesq

    hvramesq Silver Level contributor

    yes it is a 70-forgot to mention that. thanks,

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