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Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by scubasteve455, Oct 30, 2017.

  1. scubasteve455

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    IMG_0870.jpg Just painted(4) wheels on a Toyota Highlander for a customer. Sorry not Buick related but... this product could be used on Buicks that guys want Black hoods or stripes down the sides. Very user friendly. I was surprized at how nice this product performed. They give you base (clear) it's like a primer. Then they give you the color. Both are ready to spray. Then the top coat is clear. That is activated by hardener and reducer they give you in separate containers. Takes 12-18 hours to fully cure. Seems to be very durable. Color covers in one coat. But need 3-4 or more . So it peels easy in the future.
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  2. scubasteve455

    scubasteve455 Well-Known Member

    Dip your car .com
  3. gsla72

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    How difficult was the autoflex to spray? I've done a ton of plastidip over the years, but it seems like the flex has a bit more of a learning curve.
  4. scubasteve455

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    Very user friendly! I was shocked. (3) Different products (1) primer base coat witch is clear. Ready to spray. Color ready to spray. Then activated clear. Top coat. It's wierd every thing seems watery. Very thin. But if you follow directions and apply tack coats and wet coats. It all covers very well. They give you no instructions. Go on you tube
  5. scubasteve455

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    No not at all just do what they tell you.
  6. wkillgs

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    What's it cost for a set of wheels?
    I only see $269 for a gallon kit...
  7. scubasteve455

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    I hardly used any material on the wheels. 3 Gal. Of material Qt. Activator 1 pint of reducer. $ 350. You could order 1qt-1qt-1qt. 1pt. 1pt. Definitely have enough. For wheels. If I bought a new car/ truck with aluminum wheels . I would definitely spray my wheels with clear primer/ and clear base coat for salt protection. Absolutely. Salt in Pgh Winter is a joke

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