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    I need a little help I'm working on a freshly rebuilt 71-72 464 8.75-1 CR. performer intake & 750 carb, T/A headers, stock heads, T/A cam 288-294 advanced 4 deg. (using T/A timing gear set) in a 70 skylark. It don't even want to start with out at least 20 deg. base timing but seems to run strong with 25 deg. base so off I know the CR is low for the size cam and I know that lower CR. engines like more timing BUT 25 deg.!!! and also going not wanting to start to running strong with just a 5 deg. change. Other info is it has a new balancer, the distributor is a factory point type with a Mallory HEI. conversion with re curve kit (limit bushing and the lightest springs installed also I made a stop for the vacuum advance unit limited to 10 deg. and I run it to full manifold vacuum. when I check the timing the engine is warmed up with the vacuum line removed and plugged idle at 600-700 in park. I know that every engines timing is different but 25 deg. normal for this kind off set up. Also by chance did advancing the cam 4 deg. do anything to the base timing. Or am I just overthinking this to much. Thanks in Advance to Everyone.
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    Welcome to the forum.
    Search for Larry's power timing thread sticky and it will help.

    Most of us with the race/street 455's are running 32-34 total timing with all in by 2000-2500. I don't even check my base timing at idle.
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    Thanks for the welcome. I'm so glad I found this place. I will check out that thread. I just thought that this was a conservative street build (aside from the cam) it advertised good for power brakes and 9-1 CR. It does have a 2000 stall converter but I still should have went a little smaller. But still it's just that 5 deg. difference in base timing that makes for a hard start to running strong with no bad habits. Again thanks for the welcome and the info.

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