Been busy working on my other Jeep

Discussion in 'Jeeps with the Buick Heartbeat' started by Macjeeper, Jun 25, 2011.

  1. Macjeeper

    Macjeeper MAC

    Hey guys,

    After getting the J-3000 running, I tackled my other Jeep that has been in storage for 10 years, required $800.00 is welding and frame work to get it useable.

    New Custom wiring (Mine) Aircraft Electrician Experience.....

    New Clutch and linkage

    New Frame mounted Master Brake cylinder, etc...

    The 1955 Willy's CJ-5 is now running, participated in a parade in Vacaville, CA May 2011 and putting miles back on the Jeep.

    Unfortunately, I got the Willys Jeep free 15 years ago, had a SBC 400v8, now has another free SBC 267v8 engine with a mild camshaft about 8" vacuum at idle, all power at speed, no idle crawl ratio to speak of, just stalls, so I have more engine work to tear down and replace parts.

    I just need to find out what a good RV style camshaft I want for the SBC 267 engine with copious amount of low idle response, so I can crawl over the rocks and trails in the Sierra's this summer.

    Work in progress, easy to remove fenders for quick maintenance.

    Parade action at the Fiesta Days Parade, Memorial Day weekend, May 2011.

    Thanks, Mac
  2. BBBB64lark

    BBBB64lark Rice eater

    Sweet ride. I spent many hours behind the wheel of a 55 CJ5. My Grandpa had one in the U.P. of Michigan that I learned to drive in dragging a trailer through the woods for firewood and plowing snow in the winter. Bone stock original flathead 4 banger, 4spd.
  3. bhambulldog

    bhambulldog 1955 76-RoadmasterRiviera

    Very Nice
  4. lkmarsh

    lkmarsh Well-Known Member

    OK, Mac, I'll bite. What's a 267, and what happened to the 400? Good looking parade pics. :TU:
  5. r0ckstarr

    r0ckstarr Well-Known Member

    It came in Camaro's, Malibu's, and El Camino's from '79-'82.
  6. 26Troadster

    26Troadster Well-Known Member

    it replaced the 262 that chevy did for 77/78. and not to be confused with the 265 from 1955.
  7. Golden Oldie 65

    Golden Oldie 65 Well-Known Member

    That conjours up some memories. Back in the early 80's I had a `78 CJ5 that I put a 400sbc and a TH350 in, narrowed Dana 60 rear, 4.10's and posi front and rear. It was my daily driver but I built it to sand drag on the weekends. Took it to the track one day and ran a 13.07@102mph in the 1/4. That thing was a lot of fun. I beat a friend's `69 427-390hp Corvette. If you ever want to see a Corvette guy really pissed off....................:laugh:

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