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Discussion in 'Chassis restoration' started by copperheadgs1, Mar 6, 2008.

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    Well I finally found some real nice body mounts but unfortunately they are not made in US but Taiwan. At least not Chi-com made. These guys actually stand up to the Coms. The body mounts are the best ones I have found and I think I have bought every type on the market and most of the others are made overseas as well I believe. The nice ones are from Cars and are a direct copy of GM part #1242761 which were the later replacements for Buick A and other bodies from early 70's. The Cars ones are the same dimensions with the same diameter metal sleeve. These things even have the metal ring molded into the rubber that none of the other ones have. The rubber is also about the same density and not hard like hockey pucks. I think they will give the new Buick car ride feel. The actual ones used on production line in 70-72 are just a bit different but these are the closest. The cushions Cars sells is also just like the GM with washer molde in and is same as GM #1377367. The NOS GM was painted light blue which is incorrect and the Cars are black which is correct and you can paint violet or orange for under firewall area. You can paint cushions yellow as original also.

    Cars BM644 Mount
    Cars BM644A cushion

    Picture shows NOS GMs and Cars
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    Picture downloading will be the death of me:Comp: :puzzled:

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    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    IF you order you need to order buy the piece because sets are generic other types. They are pricey at $8.25 and $7.25 for cushions but body is only off once.
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    Do they have a web site address?
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    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    Two websites. The Cars main site is but their alter ego site is better for finding the mounts is Just look under rat rod mounts. Don't let them talk you into a kit as they are not the same. You need to order individual to get the nice ones. I hope to keep people from wating money like I did. After all when you bought a more expensive Buick better body mounts were part of the package. That is why I did not want to use Chevy mounts on my GS.
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    Richie, where are you in NH? I am in Dracut, MA not far from the border.
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    great info i may need some real soon

  9. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    Ken, I guess I have obsessed over these and they look the best of the bunch. The made in Taiwan little gold stickers peel right off to boot.
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    Ditto! Thank you for the info.
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    Dave;Could you post the exact Part numbers and quantites for these as this may help others upon ordering. Thanks for doing the leg work! Great post. Ken
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    I am located in Claremont, NH. It is along the Vermont border. I am about one hour and 15 minutes from the Mass border heading down Interstate 91. Are you over on the Nashua side of the state?
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    Can you tell me how many I need and if I need more than one type - I am trying to get parts ready so when I start restoring my car, it won't be a big blow all at once to the wallet. I have a 72 GS (455). Thanks
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    Richie, yes I live very close to Nashua. For the part number and amounts here we go.

    Mount BM644........You need 12 for a Buick, this includes the core support. Most other A body GM cars used 10. This is a big problem when ordering kits.

    Cushions BM644A.....You need 12 to match above.

    You also need 4 of the plug in type that have no bolt that go in front and over the rear axle area. The site has these also in a few sizes. I am not sure which ones as mine are not out yet. I someone has them in hand measure and post here and compare with ones on site.

    Another good tip is has the correct wide shoulder bolts with pointed head. I can get size and part number on these later. These are much better than the hardware store stuff they sell as kits. They are pricey as well. The 4 locking style nuts under the firewall area I have no source for so save yours.
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    Thanks for the help
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    Dave thanks i was just under my car i have 2 bad ones middle body and front behind tire ever try to jump them in with body on ?
  18. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    It can be done but you need to loosen all the mounts bolts and have someone help raise the body with a jack. You might need to remove bumpers as well. Firewall fenders need to be off. You can loose your fingers as well!:shock: The plug in types near the rear axle might be tough.
  19. copperheadgs1

    copperheadgs1 copperheadgs1

    Here are the AMK part numbers for correct body and core support mount hardware. Most of these show the correct GM part numbers as well. Much nicer than the ugly gold hardware store kits sold everywhere else.

    Bolts are Found on bottom of page 26 of their PDF catalog.

    B-11630(GM 3902232) Mount bolt-use 10(correct size and length)
    B-11631-need 2 bolts for core support only(different # than Buick but correct size and length, similair style)
    B-10509(GM 9418897)-correct style Nuts-need 2 fore core support
    B-13021(GM 3700338)-Washers-need 2 for core support-These are the impossible to find large, thick washers used with core support mounting and also on the transmission mount.
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    Thanks Dave , very much appreciated .

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