Best overdrive transmission to use behind 600 hp engine

Discussion in 'Pro-Touring' started by docgsx, May 14, 2017.

  1. docgsx

    docgsx It's not a GTX

    Hello all, looking for experienced commentary from guys who are using overdrive transmissions in their high horse power cars. I am considering putting an overdrive transmission in my car. I want to make the swap as painless as possible and try to maintain a factory look in the interior. I don't really want to change the factory floor shift set up to something after market. I want to keep the original stock appearing interior.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    The is a company that can make an adapter so a manual shift lever stays in the factory location. There are few aftermarket trans rated to handle that much HP.
  3. cjeboyle

    cjeboyle Gold Level Contributor

    I am pretty sure the Gear Vendors overdrive is rated for over twice that power level. Maybe "the wizard" will chime in. I think he is running one.
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  4. flynbuick

    flynbuick Super Moderator Staff Member

    I was referring to manual trans HP limits. Larry has 600 HP with a gear vendors O.D.
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  5. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    auto or manual?

    the gear vendors can be put on the back of a Muncie as well.
  6. docgsx

    docgsx It's not a GTX

    oops… I should have specified that I'm looking for an automatic overdrive transmission.
  7. 436'd Skylark

    436'd Skylark Sweet Fancy Moses!!!!!

    art carr has been doing great things with the 2004r. they had been claiming 1000 plus hp capability. I don't like the 700r4. the gear spread is less than favorable. the 4l80e is huge and requires a computer. not to mention there is no input for a mechanical Speedo. the gear vendors is ok. the overdrive ratio is only .78, which isn't a lot. they are about bullet proof though. it is fairly expensive though.
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  8. gusszgs

    gusszgs Well-Known Member

    Do a 2004r, look for a BRF core and call Dave Husek if your in the northeast.
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  9. LARRY70GS

    LARRY70GS a.k.a. "THE WIZARD"

    I have the Gear Vendors since 2006, never a problem. It is rated for 1200 HP and can be modified to take 2000 HP. I don't worry about breaking it. I always get a kick out of reading this section of the instruction manual. GVinstructions.jpg
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  10. Ken Warner

    Ken Warner Stand-up Philosopher

    IMHO if plan to race then the gear vendors or a 4L80 is the way to go. If you do lots of street driving with only a bit of track time then the 4L60 or 2004R is the way to go. Compared to the GV unit a trans with lockup converter is going to be like nearly having a 5th gear for most highway cruising depending on rear gear and converter stall. Of the 2 latter transmissions I like the 2004R and so do most people as it bolts right up to the Buick engine without an adaptor plate. Tons of reading in the auto trans section of the board.
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  11. Mr. Sunset

    Mr. Sunset Platinum Level Contributor

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  12. 1972Mach1

    1972Mach1 Just some guy.....

    Gear Vendors or 200-4R. Just look at what they do with the 200-4R behind the high horse Grand Nationals, plus they're light and parts are readily available.
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  13. papa roger

    papa roger Well-Known Member

    I'm just short of 600 hp and 600 lbs ft torque in my 470 and the 2004-r works perfect. Mine was built by Vince Janis in Akron Oh. Built for well over 600 hp with billet internals it handles my engines power easily with no problems. Shifts rock hard runs smooth with no noise and with 28" tires 3.89 gears I'm running 2200 rpm at 65 mph and can drop it to 2000 rpm by locking up my converter built by JW at TSP. It easily fits in any Buick application because of its size. Good luck. Roger.

    On The Eighth Day God Created Buick
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  14. knucklebusted

    knucklebusted Well-Known Member

    I like my 200-4R because it is as close to a drop in as possible. The TV cable bracket is available that bolts on the back of the two carb studs. I swapped an 8.5 rear at the same time and used an 8.5 turbo 350 drive shaft without modification. It bolts to the block, the speedo works as is (gearing may need adjusting) and the rear mount is not overly complicated to get the cross member in the turbo 400 holes.

    Shiftworks makes a console shifter plate, trans mounted shift arm, pan bracket that works with their cable that will mount to the stock shifter. It allow P-R-N-4-3-2-1 without issue. You will have to modify a neutral start switch to get it to work properly but that's about the only futzing you will have to do.

    I swapped one built locally by a racer with experience and it is pretty awesome. My 3.73 rear gear launches like 4.10s and cruises like 2.56. With a 2800-ish stall, the lock up torque converter drops another about another 300 RPM and feels like a 5th gear.
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