Best police encounter??

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  1. Guy Parquette

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    About 20 years ago I out ran a cop with my dual quad 455 GSX clone.
    About two years ago came up to a local cop car at a red light after work with one of our delivery vehicles. He revs up and gives me the thumbs up. Green light and and we both leave full on.... he won.
    Got to love a small town
  2. sriley531

    sriley531 M.M.O.G.

    I may or may not have alledgedly possibly had some inside knowledge about a black and silver GSXR that looked extremely similar to mine outrunning a few Highway Patrol cars in the wee hours of the morning many years ago when I was young and dumb(er).

    But more recently, I had to go on a run to get a new modem as ours crapped out. Since Ohio is on a stay at home order, our internet is getting a workout. So I take off to the cable companys store to get a new one. Turns out they've moved locations. A quick googling reveals the new location is 15 minutes away and closes in 12 minutes. I jump on the highway and since the wuflu has everyone at home, traffic is miniscule. A few semi's is really about it.

    So I'm hot footing it to get to the store. Highway is 4 lanes wide, I'm in the far left. As I pass a semi I see an OSP car in the right lane I couldn't see due to the semi. I zipped past him (alledgedly) rolling..... let's just say it was under triple digits and leave it at that, in a 65. He had me dead to rights and it woulda been a bad one. I look in my mirror as o had overshot him by a large margin by the time I got near the speed limit and he flashed his headlights at me a few times and that was it. I couldn't believe it. I blinked the hazards as a thank you and that was the end of it.

    Oh, and I did get to the cable store before they closed. :cool:
  3. hwprouty

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    Love this thread!
    Within a week of getting my license, I borrowed my Mom's Pinto and was going around 60? on State Street the main street thorough town. I passed the local cop hiding in one of the do-it-yourself car wash bays and out he came!
    He was so pissed because ' I went by so fast he didn't have a chance to radar me!' H proceeded to check every light on the car, put a penny to measure tread depth, checked that wipers worked I mean anything he could think of.
    My Dad kept our cars in tip top shape, so he went walking back to his patrol car, chewing me out the whole way, he stopped and turned back and asked if I had a litter bag in the car, 'Nope I just throw stuff in the back seat' WHAMMO out came the ticket book! Yep no litter bag ticket!
    I went to court and when they called my name the Judge said you're being charged with 'no litter bag'? .... After the laughter died down he says 'DISMISSED'!!
  4. steverw

    steverw Well-Known Member

    Ok so i have a 65 Vette coupe, 383 stroker, 4 spd, 3.73 gears. Approx 400 hp, never been dynoed, it runs good.
    2005 just finished restoring the car again. A new Z28 challenged me but we were approaching an intersection.
    It was 5:00, very busy street, cars everywhere. It was really a bad decision to have a race
    at that time, so many cars. Thank god there was no problems, except, I did a quick look and turned, waiting on him, when he went blasting past me.
    I hammered down on it, my rear end was swerving side to side, i had just caught up to him, when i looked in my rearview mirror.
    Red and blue lights flashing. I had to have been pushing 100 mph. I think sweat squirted from my pits when i saw him.
    I was 50 years old at the time. The city had just passed an ordinance, if caught racing you get, arrested, car towed, $1500 fine, license suspended for one year. You think i wasnt scared? Ha Ha, oh my God i was freaking out.
    I was shaking like a leaf on a tree. I pulled over, the other guy turned and got away. The cop was a very young guy. He was off duty and had a friend with
    him. He leaned down looked in my window. New paint, interior, motor, transmission, etc. He said damn this car is nice! He said "you know i had to stop you.
    Everyone saw you, they were looking at me, I had to stop you". Almost like he was appologizing for stopping me. I was literally shaking very bad.
    To make matters worse, i didnt have a current insurance paper, although the car was and is insured. He went back to his car, he probably told his friend
    that this old man is about to have a heart attack, haha, i was scared.
    He came back looked inside again, said "im gonna let you go". I mean he had me, i was guilty as hell.
    I told him thank you, and that he was really a good guy.
    He said slow down, be careful, take care of that car.
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  5. MRP

    MRP Well-Known Member

    I had a cop manually set our stoplight to red so that “festival traffic” could leave the church grounds unrestricted on a Saturday night around 10:30. I am the first car in line on the divided highway in my GTO with headers and a stick shift. So the cop and his cop buddies keep us on the main artery just off the interstate stopped for several minutes to let virtually nobody leave the fair, about 1 car a minute was pulling out of a mostly empty lot. After 5 minutes or so I’m beyond pissed, I can see in my mirror that traffic is backed up in both lanes all the way under and beyond the interstate that’s almost a mile behind me. I finally lost it an started revving my engine to red line. The cop spins around and runs over to my window all dramatic like and screams “are you revving your engine at me?”.

    I said “ya, what in the hell are we all sitting here for, nobodies even leaving!” He gave me the “I could arrest you” speech and then proceeded to turn the light green so we could all go. In hindsight, both the cop and myself are idiots.
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  6. Steve73GS

    Steve73GS 73 GEE YES

    Couple of beauties:
    About 17 years old, in a friend's car with a couple of other buddies. Friend (driver) just got regular license from junior license. He was driving with a headlight out and LEO passes from the opposite direction, sees the light out and spins around behind us and lights us up. I see the officer also has a headlight out and say to my friend driving "if you're getting pulled over for that headlight out, you should question how you can get pulled over for that when the officer also has a headlight out". Sure enough, the officer walks up to the car and tells my friend he pulled us over because the headlight was out. My friend instantly questions the LEO verbatim to what I mentioned about his headlight being out. After getting my friend's license and registration the officer looks at him sternly and says, "sit tight son, I'll be back in a few minutes". About 20 minutes pass and the officer returns, hands my friend 9 tickets and says, "instead of trying to be a lawyer, now your gonna need one smart ass" and walks away. I felt bad but we still laugh about that one.

    Same time period, a different friend just rebuilt his 442 where it was pretty strong and we take it down to Virginia Beach for the weekend. We're young and stupid, drinking on the way down there and immediately go to the main drag that runs parallel to the beach, the place to cruise Va Beach. Have a cooler stocked to the brim and having a good old time as we creep along slowly in traffic. All of a sudden, about 6 LEO's come running out of an alley . A couple stand in front of the car so we can't move and a couple more drag my friend out of the driver's seat,,,I am riding shotgun. They say my friend is being arrested for driving with an open container. They look at me and ask "boy, you know how to drive this car?" It was a 4 speed and to that point, I had never driven a 4 speed or any car with a clutch in my life, much less a pretty stout 442 and being pretty tipsy. I kinda nod and they say to follow them as the other LEO's throw my friend in a patrol car parked at the curb. It was a pretty short ride to the police station and I only stalled the car once. Turns out, my friend gets a ticket for the open container and they will let us go after paying 47.00. They must have felt sorry for us...even let us keep the beer. Don't think the same situation would be treated the same way by the LEO's nowadays!
  7. Storm1

    Storm1 Silver Level contributor

    We were 16 or 17 and my friends dad handed down his old rusty 72 Monty Carlo to him. It had glasspack's that would pop and backfire when he let off the gas. One day he was flying down the side street, probably in excess of 80mph coming up to a T intersection stop sign. He lets off the gas and the glasspacks do what they do. Nobody noticed that our (never) friendly, local motorcycle cop Officer Debrabont was sitting on his bike on the sidewalk.

    Well my friend, being on a first name basis with Officer Debrabont as many of us were, just pulls over to get what's coming to him. He gets up off his bike, he's pissed, we're all shitting bricks. Walks over to the driver side and pulls my buddy through the window. He never took his helmet off. Starts yelling at my buddy and WHAP headbutts him with his helmet on. Continues the verbal beat down, if I ever catch you doing anything again its JAIL for you...etc...

    Dennis gets back in the car with a huge knot on his head, and away we go.

    Oh, my bad. This is about the Best police encounter.

    Ok here's mine. Around the same age, lots of high school keg parties going on. Went to a party, there were probably a hundred people or so at this house. It was getting loud and out of hand as usual and I decide its about time to get the hell out of there. I'm walking out to my car (my dad's car) just about to unlock the door and the cops are rolling down the street. They pull up and ask me where i was coming from (as if they didn't know) and ask me if i was drinking. I didn't lie, I told them I was.

    They took my license and told me to sit tight. When they came back they asked for my wallet and keys. I gave them up. They said get out of the car and start walking home. If we see this car move tonight we'll be taking you to jail. When you get home, your wallet and keys will be in the mailbox.

    It was a LONG 10 mile walk home. My keys and wallet were in the mailbox. My dad was up waiting for me as I was super late by then, and obviously he knew the cops had been there.
    That's my best encounter with the cops. Not the best with my dad.
  8. flht25

    flht25 Well-Known Member

    I was in high school so this had to be around 93/94. Grew up in a small town in Southeast TN. Had a big group of kids that would go out to a buddies small farm on Friday nights for bonfires, lots of beer and hopefully get lucky with the ladies. I was on my out there with a large cooler full of beer and a open in the console of the truck. Got pulled over...the officer knew where I was headed as it was known spot and there was never any trouble and never anything other than drinking. The cops gets super pissed at the open container but just makes me pour it but takes my cooler.....I went on to the farm but decided to head home before long. Get home and the cop is sitting in my driveway still in uniform and drinking beer with my dad. He knew my dad and thought it would be fun to mess with me. I just grab the cooler, throw it back in the truck and head back to the farm...
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    BQUICK Well-Known Member

    Back in the 70s headed to FL from MD on spring break, my alternator died on my 72 Opel Manta. It was under warranty so I figured I could limp it from Florence SC to FL Buick dealer by getting quick charges of the battery. Could go about 90 miles during the day before it started missing from low voltage. Only 60 miles at night.....

    So was going down 95 at night with lights out.....get pulled over....slight issue....the two previous gas stations that we got quick charges also of course sold beer so as we waited for the battery to boil on quick charge we sipped on beer. Mind you this was 1973 and it was legal to drink and drive just not drunk.

    Back to getting pulled over....I got into police cruiser with my beer and then realized not a great idea so carefully set it down on the floor. Cop didn't seem to notice just wrote the ticket as I was trying to explain why I was driving without lights. He handed me the ticket, I grabbed my beer, got in my car, started, turned lights on and down the highway to next place to get a charge. Back then most all gas stations did service and could charge.
  10. faster

    faster Well-Known Member

    Taking the Turbo Regal in my avatar to a friends early Sunday morning up by the GA border from Gainesville. It was a cool clear winters day and rather than using I-75 I take two lanes. Well 231 North out of Brooker to Lake Butler has a 3 mile straight stretch with no driveways, cross streets and very, very wide grass shoulders so I gas on it to overdrive and stay in it till the front end gets very light. As you come to the end of Alachua County to cross the Sante Fe River into Union County the road sweeps left and I let off about 1/4 mile from the sweep to coast down to 75-80. At that very instant I scream past a trooper sitting down in a low spot on the shoulder under some low trees (he was just resting and not looking for speeders). Never saw him till I past him and have never seen a cop on this road in all the years I've driven it often. He hits the lights and I disappear around the curve. I slow down pull off onto a dirt driveway as there is no shoulder now by the river. The trooper is flying before he realizes I'm stopped and waiting for him and is braking hard as he passes me. Backs up through his own tire smoke spinning the tires in reverse, pulls up behind me and draws his gun as he gets out walking cautiously to my car. I'm watching in my side mirror and realize it is the trooper my wife babysits for and I had just installed a new AC unit in his house. WHAT ARE THE ODDS! We've talked about it but he's never seen my T so I open the door, get out say hi and he holsters his weapon. His adrenaline is still in high gear though and he's yelling, reads me the riot act as the people who live in the house of the driveway I'm in come out to see what the commotion is all about. After a few minutes of venting he calms down and asks how fast I was going as he did not have his equipment on and I was going faster than he's ever seen it before on that stretch. I tell him 145-150. He says if I find out you've done this again I will shoot your car. We talk for a few minutes while the people realize no one is getting arrested, loose interest and go back inside.

  11. Matt69olds

    Matt69olds Well-Known Member

    Long time member, never noticed this thread before. I have 5 funny cop stories, I’ll share the oldest first.

    Im 16, just got my license, driving moms 83 Olds 88 to the high school on a Saturday morning. My brother and sister are heavy involved in band, both of my parents are also at the school.

    I’m sitting at a traffic light when a city cop pulls up behind me. Needless to say, as a newly licensed driver, I’m on my best behavior!

    Light turns green, I go along my way. I notice another cop pull in behind the one following me. Drive a little more, a third cop. By the time I get to the high school, five cops are following me! I park the car, they get out of their cars with their hands on their guns. Needless to say, I’m sweating big time! 300 kids around, my parents somewhere the school, most of the kids I know.

    After a few seconds (felt like a hour!) one cop comes up to the car and said they were looking for a violent felon matching my description (as close as they could tell in the car) driving a similar car. Sorry for the scare, have a nice day.

    for some reason, I don’t remember anything else about the rest of that day. I don’t recall if they ever found who they were looking for.

    On a side note, how much street cred could a thug have driving a brown 4 door Olds 88????
  12. Matt69olds

    Matt69olds Well-Known Member

    One of the county sheriffs is also a Olds guy, has 70 442 4 speed. I would occasionally do ride along during his shift, so I knew where he liked to park waiting for speeders.

    Its just getting dusk, I’m driving along in my 69 Olds on a road that he likes to hide. I see the front of his car hidden, so I decide to have a little fun with him. I stop about 20 feet from where he is sitting, stand on it, and lay about 100 feet of rubber.

    I see him a couple days later, and he tells me about this “idiot” who stopped in front of him and does this huge rod-stretching burnout, with ANOTHER person sitting in the car with him for a ride along!
    He said he had a little difficulty explaining to the guy why he wasn’t going after me.
  13. Matt69olds

    Matt69olds Well-Known Member

    In 2003, I’m dating a girl who lives 25 miles from me, out in the middle of nowhere. She works midnights, I work afternoons. I’m at a buddies wedding rehearsal/dinner, she suggest I visit her before her shift, she’s feeling “lonely”. Absolutely, great idea!!!

    Unfortunately, I don’t get away from the dinner as promptly as I would have preferred. I’m in my 01 Ram diesel, on a long empty country road, so I open it up to make up some time. My mind isn’t on the speed, but the desire to sooth my lady friend in her moment of loneliness. So I’m guessing that why I didn’t notice the cop sitting in the ONLY driveway for miles around. When I saw the headlights come on and the car fly out onto the road, it was pretty obvious what was coming.

    I pulled over, shut off the truck, turned on the dome lamp, had my papers ready, hands on the steering wheel, and STILL sat and waited for some time before the cop caught up. He was cool for the most part, wanted to know what the hurry was. I didn’t go into detail (obviously) just told him I had 2 places to be at almost the same time, one ran later than expected. He just kinda looked at me, said he would be back in a few minutes, turned around and went to the car. I’m expecting serious tickets!

    Couple minutes later, he comes back. Says I see you have a clean driving record, I clocked you at 106 mph. He said I can’t let that slide, but wrote the ticket for 68 (I think, it was just under the limit for reckless driving). Said slow down, have a nice day.

    Besides the “quality time” spent with my lady friend, my buddies wedding stuff, the ticket was the 3rd most exciting occasion that day.

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