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Discussion in 'Tips On Using The Board' started by ronbz455, Mar 1, 2013.

  1. ronbz455

    ronbz455 Big Butz Racing

    I have noticed some guys write their thread and a big pic follows that underneath the thread. I want to show the crank in a big pic. What's the best way to do this?
  2. urbancowboy0307

    urbancowboy0307 Silver Level contributor

    the way I do it is I take a picture with my digital camera at what ever resolution it's set at (i've never changed it in years)
    I upload it to photobucket and use the img tags
    so for example

    [im g] your user name is[/img]
    there is also an img button on the thread, if you look above where you type you'll see a picture next to two little earths. click that and it'll prompt you to upload a picture or you can click the URL button and insert the picture's url.
    Photobucket will also have a feature that you can just copy that has the img tags included so all you have to do is copy and paste.

    does that make sense?
  3. ronbz455

    ronbz455 Big Butz Racing

    So you can't go to your pics and copy and then paste them here on the thread?
  4. urbancowboy0307

    urbancowboy0307 Silver Level contributor

    i don't know if you can copy and paste them, you can upload them directly to the site but it shoes up as an attachment.

    I've done it the way I mention and i get pics like this:

    versus uploading it directly to to the site as an attachment:

    I've never done it any other way, not saying it can't be done though.
  5. David G

    David G de-modded....

    Are you talking about a signature picture that shows with every post you make? Or just a one-time deal for a specific picture? I do believe signature pics are in the board's functions, but it's annoying as heck when someone (I won't name names) has a HUGE image at the bottom of every single post they make. Especially when they post several times in a thread. I used to have a signature pic here, but I made it short and wide, much easier on the eyes when you post frequently.

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