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Discussion in 'Interior City' started by bkcamaro, Oct 7, 2013.

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    i am working on my 1970 riviera and the heater motor only has one speed and thats low so that tells me its the blower resistor
    ok so i looked at it and it dont look good one of the plugs is melted right to the resistor so to me thats REALLY JUNK NEEDS REPLACED ASAP
    so i think i found my problem so go to autozone they dont even have a blower resistor listed start calling around and no one has one or even order one
    i was thinking i could use the resistor off my 1973 parts car well the prongs are in all the right spots but thats about it the coils are different and so is the base plate i could get the base plate to work but its the coils i am worried about i really dont what a fire lol
    the red one is off the 73 and the brown one is off the 70

  2. flynbuick

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    Is the plug on the firewall or one under the dash? The plug can be the entire issue because the high speed relay circuit often is one of the 3 terminals in the plug. It draws a lot of current and the the heat can cause the plug to melt causing the terminals to no longer be separated.

    On non AC cars the resistor array is often under the dash while on AC cars it is in the AC box under the hood.

    So the first question is it an AC or non AC car?

    The second question is are any of the resistors broken? If not simply repalce the melted connector. Often you will need to find one on a donor car.
  3. bkcamaro

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    i got it working I changed the plug and clean up the connection
    I was just thinking that the plug was melted that the coil was black

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