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    loaded in CO.jpg apollo2.jpg I am the new PROUD owner of a Cali. spec 1974 Buick Apollo with a 350 "H" 2bbl
    and a 350 THM. The older couple that owned it lived in Las Vegas and moved to
    the mtns of Colorado and parked it in their garage. It only has 54,7xx miles and
    runs great. It even still has the original muffler and exhaust still on it.
    It has the 14" chrome rally wheels, white wall tires that were changed from the
    original E78-14's. It is a true survivor, with the only 2 options not stock is
    a set of Gabriel Hi-Jackers and a trailer hitch.
    The only change will be the body side molding to Black/Chrome to match
    the rally wheels. Code 11 white paint needs a little touch up, but no problem.
    It'll stay stock unless the motor goes bad, then a LS1/4L80E will replace it.
    It's cold natured but runs great when warm. I love it now and for years to come.
    Thanks for peeping it out. comingHome2.jpg
  2. Smokey15

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    Nice score! Very clean. How's the interior?
  3. rkammer

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    Great find as not many nice Apollos are around anymore. If the motor finally gives up the ghost, why not consider just building a nice performance motor out of the original 350? You could easily get 400 HP out of a nice build and you would be keeping the Buick heritage of your Apollo intact. Just a thought. :TU:

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