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    Quick question. ...
    What RPMs ahould I be using with the variable speed polisher/sander for wool pad and compounding?
    Same for foam pad and compounding?
    Foam pad and polishing juice?
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    IMO use 14-1700 rpm, use slow 1400 until you feel comfortable. Wool is for heavy cutting and foam for polishing. The first step in sanding is sand with tons of water, then wipe the area dry and look carefully, if you see what looks like 2 different kind of finishes or something like shiney spots mixed with dull spots then your not done sanding out the orange peel, you will never remove orange peel with the wheel, keep sanding and sand until everything looks dull, then your ready for the wheel. Also when sanding use a med duty foam pad so that your sanding flat and don't worry about sanding thru the clear until you get all the shiney spots gone your safe, that's why you dry-wipe the water when your sanding from time to time to check your progress. One more thing, do one panel thru the whole process until you are 100% satisfied with the end result and love it, then move on, this will help you gain knowledge and confidence allowing you to figure out what to do and not to do without being over-whelmed.
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    All good stuff, thanks. Was planning on wetsanding the trunklid one more time with 2000 grit, then forging forward with the variable speed polisher/sander .I did plan on doing one panel from start to finish, before moving on to the next, mostly because of time constraints. It's tough getting out in the garage after work. Gutta git er done if I wanna be smoking tires next spring/summer. Appreciate your response .........Jim
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    Time is tuff to find...
    Managed to get trunklid, and 2 doors wetsanded down to 2000grit. Working on on half of body/shell with 1000 now. Boy is it time consuming. I go in the garage and don't look at a clock til I'm hungry or exhausted. Always surprises me how long I was going at it. ....
    Roof is going along easily, sides have more peel to em. Hope to get the 1000 and 1500grit done on half of body/shell today, but I'm not switching to 1500 til there are no shiny spots left, letting the surface dictate when to switch. Jim

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