buick 350 -68/69 rocker arm assembly

Discussion in 'Small Block Tech' started by olssing, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. olssing

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    Hello, i'm looking for a comlete rocker arm assembly to my 3501969 but it seems hard to find? Can i buy from 1970 and forward, because it's easier to find. I hope you will understand what i mean when i use google translate and lives in Sweden. :)

    Hoping for help / Thomas
  2. alec296

    alec296 i need another buick

    You can use th 1970 and up valve train. But you should replace lifters , pushrods to 1970 and up also as they get oil thru pushrods to rockers. And 68-69 rockers are oiled thru port in head. It would also be best to pull heads and plug those ports in block.
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    Go to www.taperformance.com Look on the right side of the page towards the top, see "Download the TA Catalog".

    TA has reconditioned rocker assemblies for the 68-69 350. They are very expensive, and will be more so for you living in Sweden.

    The 69 and earlier engine oil the rocker arms through a passage in the block and heads, and through the rocker shafts. The 70 and up engines use a different lifter that oils the rockers through hollow push rods. You can convert the 68-69 oiling with new lifters, push rods, and rocker assemblies if you like. Might be cheaper.

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  4. olssing

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    Thank you for helping me :)
    The Engine is renovated with new camshaft and lifters (comp cam 260H)
    But if I undertad this right, I can take a complete set in 1970 and up, including pushrods and fit without problems?
  5. LARRY70GS

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    Yes, but you forgot the lifters. The 67-69 lifters do not have a hole in the push rod cup to feed the hollow push rods. You have to change the lifters also. Look at your lifters, see if they are the 1970 and up lifters with the hole in the pushrod cup.

  6. olssing

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    I have ordered from TA Performance rear crankshaft seal that keeps high quality, unfortunately it is very expensive shipping to Sweden :( I have emailed Rocker Arms Unlimited and see if they can help me. Do you know that company? Get great service at oldbuickparts.com Can really recomend them and I hope they can help me.
  7. olssing

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    Lifters that i put in is ELGIN HL 1969S wich corresponds to the original.
    An switching liftes are probably not up to date.
    I`have to wait and se what my requsts giving the various shops on the original parts.

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