Buick 455 "cj7" Jeep?????

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    ... Willys CJ7 1985 with a tuned up Buick 455 V8 giving more than 500hp and around 500 foot/pound torque:cool:. A manual Mercedes 5 gear transmission and Dana 300 transfer case. Dana 60 axles with 4.56 ratios front and rear air-lock front and no-spin rear. Suspension is a four link all AIR front and back. 44 inch tires with 18 inch wide rims and bedlocks along with a central tire inflation system. Running boards are extra gas tanks for a total of 230 liters to take on a trip! Some of the equipment includes a GPS 182c system, VHF and CB radios and an NMT mobile phone. [/SIZE][/FONT]

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  2. swampedge

    swampedge Well-Known Member

    Any engine pics? I sure would like to see if the engine is as nice as the rest. I would like to see the xfer case set up as well. Cool ride for sure.
  3. DaWildcat

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  4. Golden Oldie 65

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    That sure brings back some memories. Back in the early 80's I put a 400 sbc in a CJ5. It was my everyday Jeep but I raced it in the sand drags on weekends. One day the guys talked me into taking to the dragstrip and it ran a 13.07@102mph in the 1/4. I had a blast with that thing. Ever see a `69 427 Corvette get beat by a Jeep? That guy was really mad :laugh:
  5. swampedge

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    Turn'n a 13.07 will definitely blister a small block stock vette. I would have loved to see that. I bet the ride down the 1320 was scary for you though.

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