Build Sheet For GS 400 Conv I Used to Own

Discussion in 'Lost and Found' started by Rich Skylark, Aug 20, 2014.

  1. Rich Skylark

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    image.jpg I owned this car for 13yrs and regretted selling it immediately . Was sold to gentleman on Long Island N Y approx 07/05 I missed owning the car so much I just purchased something similar . Going through some old car manuals I found the original build sheet I found under the seat. Mostly intact and readable, I would like reunite build sheet with its original home.As you can see in pictures, the car came originally from L I and was decently optioned. Black GS 400 convertible ,white buckets,no console,auto on the column,A/C,ps,PB,p/w,power top(white),tilt,am/fm. If anybody out there knows who might have this car today, contact me so we can get this sheet back with its owner.

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  2. dl7265

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    Wilmington '68's are known for having multiple build sheets. 4-5 even,

  3. Rich Skylark

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    Would be great to reunite this sheet with the car

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