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Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by Dr. Roger, Apr 13, 2019.

  1. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    For any build sheet gurus, got a few things I'm not sure what they cover on a 71 GS build sheet:
    Y10 CST build up, RR and QT?
    B22 Custom trim panel?
    W17 Deluxe trim.

    Not sure what Y10 is and I'm wondering what panel and trim this is covering here? Thanks.
  2. RoseBud68

    RoseBud68 Well-Known Member

    Form the GS Fact & Figures book pg 251 states Y10 CSTM DR&QTR.
  3. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    Yes, but what exactly is that? Wonder if that is the body side moldings to keep door whackers from denting the car?
  4. Duane

    Duane Member

    Where are you pulling this info from?

    One of the 71 Flint large "Body Shop Inspection" sheets?
  5. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    This is a Fremont build sheet, found under the gas tank when car was dissembled for restoration. Originally delivered to Seaside Buick in La Jolla (San Diego), CA.
    Build sheet.jpg
  6. Duane

    Duane Member

    Y10 Is the "Custom Front and Rear door panels, as in Custom/Deluxe not Standard
    B22 Is for the Door Panel Emblems, which means they got them. (The actual emblems they got depended on the model number for the car. So this is a "catch-all code, and not a specific code for a certain model of car.)( It could be for Custom, GS emblems, etc.)
    W17 Is the code for an entire group of codes for cars with the Custom trim Option, and the parts of this code depended again on the model number it was for.

    If you want to know what all the "W17" code includes you can get an assembly manual and look them up for your particular model number.
  7. dynaflow

    dynaflow shiftless...

    Assembly Manual is your best friend for this stuff, specifically Section 0-12. Shows options by Sales Code and UPC (that's on your GMAD sheet)...
  8. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    Thanks Duane and John. All the rest of the codes and descriptions are pretty self-explanatory (clock, ash tray light, etc.). What was the difference between a custom door panel versus a standard door panel? Thought they only had one door panel available.

    BUQUICK I'm your huckleberry.

    There was a standard interior and an optional interior which used different door panel designs. Here in the Legendary catalog you can see the standard (left) and optional (right) interior door panels.

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  10. Dr. Roger

    Dr. Roger Stock enthusiast

    Thanks Gary. I always see that same "standard" door panel in Chevelles (or something pretty close) and just figured folks were putting them in Buicks because they were too cheap to buy the right one. Learn something new every day.
  11. Mike Trom

    Mike Trom Blah, Blah, Blah

    In '68 some Chevelles got deluxe Buick interiors when the factory ran out of Chevy parts, Looks much better than the stock Chevy interior.
  12. pbr400

    pbr400 68GS400

    Another question from a later build sheet-on one from 1978 I see WG6 ‘DEMO FOR $’. The car was well optioned and there’s no other sales code like Sold Order, so I’m guessing it was ordered to be a demonstrator car, but any input? (Also odd-the car was built in Fremont but sent to an Indiana dealer, and there’s no date on the build sheet, either...)

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