Build Thread: Project Rusty Hulk

Discussion in 'Members Rides' started by sriley531, Feb 16, 2015.

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    Just some half assed failure analysis here, I don't think the exhaust had enough "give" engineered into it. Shawn had the newer style, doughnut style exhaust hangers on it. I think they were a little too stiff. So when the engine torqued over, the headers basically pulled the pipes apart. I think what also contributed was the fact that the pipes were stainless with band clamps. If the pipes had regular clamps that crimped them together, its a possibility they may have overcome the force applied by the headers trying to pull them apart. All water under the bridge now...

    Remember, we do this for fun! :rolleyes: LOL
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    Shawn, I feel for you and your frustration. To put a really long story short: As I'm sure you know, I've had my Mach 1 since age 12. On the way back to my 10 year class reunion in it, it broke the head of an intake valve, which went through the cylinder head, and...............anyway.........took me 7 years to build the new engine for it. Once I got the engine done and dropped in, the engine had to come out 3 times, had the heads off 5 times, and had the pistons in and out of it twice. And that was within the first week of having it done, and got 30 miles put on total after all those years of building. That's the short, short, SHORT version.....I could write a whole book on just the engine debacle on that car, and that's not mentioning the trials and tribulations of the self igniting, suicide attempting Riviera.......I know buddy. I've been there. I'm sending you a PM with my phone number. Feel free to use it for texting or a call me anytime. I mean it.

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    Shawn you are a young man. When you get old the 3 hour jobs will take 30 days. Have been going down that road for the last few years now. Frank

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