can anyone tell me what car this radio is for?

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    Long sob story short. I have a 1977 Regal that had an awesome AM/FM with 8-Track. It started to cut out more and more to the point of being useless. Dad has a longtime friend, now retired that can basically fix anything radio/stereo oriented. So, Dad's friend said, hey mail it up here, I'll fix it! So, he did, and mailed it back...only it seems the postal store he went to ship it, had some slimeball that stole some packages, including my radio. So, feeling bad, he talked to someone else thinking the radio he fixed up., would fit in my car, it won't. :( in fact, It's been sitting for 2 years ready to be mailed back to be Dad's friend, only he said, no sense mailing it back he had no use for it. So, for 2 + years, no radio in my car. But, I'd like to sell this radio, but man, didn't have much luck even with the stickers on the side.(is the serial model number 44BFMTZ or I2?) the research I did showed it might, might fit some 1974s? Just couldn't get an exact fit
    any guesses?
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    The knobs look like the ones in my '69 Z/28.
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    74 Buick Lesabre/Electra
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    ok, cook thanks!
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    I was looking this radio over again and noticed I didn't see the dial indicator on the "flap" that goes up when you put an 8-track tape in. Now, the radio in my car was a 1977 with 8 track, and it's been 2 years since I had it in the car, but I thought the indicator showed up when the radio was off as well as on? was anything different in 1974? Just don't want to sell something that has a major issue. (dial turns just fine)

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    The am/fm 8track in my '72 GS, which is from a '79 Camaro, has the indicator light on when the lights are on.

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