Can somebody tell a switch pitch th400 by wires only, 67 Riv

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  1. Jello, from this photo, can anyone tell if this set of wires laying on top of this th400 are SP connectors? Maybe by wire color or something? There are no photos of left side of transmission, but there is a tab next to the carb for what looks li,e the switch.

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  2. Carb switch here

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  3. DaWildcat

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    Sure looks like it to me! But the only way to know for certain is to have a closer look at the transmission, especially the I.D. tag.

  4. 455monte

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    Trans elec connector on driverside above pan will have 2 terminals in a switch pitch trans.
    Also will have a small hump in middle of trans pan.
  5. LARRY70GS

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    Get the two letter code off the transmission. There is a tag riveted to the passenger side of the case, has year and two letter calibration code. The switch pitch transmission was offered in 1965-67. Later transmissions had two prongs but they were not SP transmissions. The other prong was for an oil pressure switch that was part of the TCS emissions control system.
  6. Thanx everybody. I will get back if I take a gander.

    BRUCE ROE Well-Known Member

    Lots of transmissions have been swapped or mis rebuilt. I suggest, applying
    12 VDC to each of the 2 prongs should produce a click inside the trans. The
    absolute best way is to inspect the input shaft. The splines on the outer
    stationary stator support are 1/2" long for switch pitch, they are 1" long for
    a fixed pitch. Bruce Roe
  8. RoadShark

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    Here's the manifold wires on my '67 Riv, but you should probably follow the advice above to be sure about the actual xmsn.

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