Car is done !! 1977 Skylark 327 4 speed

Discussion in 'Wet behind the ears??' started by Kidcarson, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. Kidcarson

    Kidcarson 1977 Buick Skylark

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  2. Kidcarson

    Kidcarson 1977 Buick Skylark

  3. 2001ws6

    2001ws6 last of the v8 interceptors

    Congrats! Need some more pics! :cool:
  4. gs66

    gs66 Silver Level contributor

    Congratulations, very nice!
  5. Vito DAmbrosio

    Vito DAmbrosio Active Member

    Good for you! Just in time for the season!
  6. Mart

    Mart Gold level member

    Non-traditional. I like it.

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