Carter AFB Backfiring

Discussion in 'Carter' started by Gulfgears, Sep 9, 2017.

  1. LARRY70GS

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    You're welcome, glad you found the problem, I knew it had to be something like that because the engine would not run that retarded. It really is just a matter of temporarily installing a set of light springs in the distributor and setting the maximum timing without vacuum advance to 32*. It's a really simple procedure, and I have described it in the Power Timing thread. Wish I could just show you how easy it is.
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    Now that you have yours figured out you can come over and take Larrys notes he gave me and get mine going good. Working on getting A/C reinstalled and then I'll put the engine cooling stuff back on the motor and give it a try. Attempting to have it back on road by next weekend so I can take it with us to Reunion Lake in Robert when we go camping. And maybe get over to Covington for the evening. Any shows around there the weekend of the 22nd? Gotta get a few miles on it before Crusin the Coast next month
  3. Gulfgears

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    Hey, we were just driving by Reunion Lake today, took the Robert exit off 1-12 on the way back from Ferrara Fire Truck.
    When you get going on the ac let me know, my son is living with us now and he is an a/c whiz on these old cars. Recharged mine and fiddled with something and now I got 34 degrees at the vent yesterday.
    I think next weekend is the last Friday of the month, so the Covington car show will be held Friday night. Call me either way.
  4. 36racin

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    Sent you a text. I could probably use a good ac guy. Have everything I need but gauges and I think I'm gong buy some.

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