Charcoal Mist Metallic

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by myerslaw, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. myerslaw

    myerslaw Well-Known Member

    V8 members:

    Has anyone painted a buick

    Charcoal Mist Metallic?

    This is '72 gm paint. Buick paint code # 72.

    This paint was also used on chevrolet in '72
    That paint was called Dusk Grey Metallic. GM paint code #18.

    The paint is identical.

    I would just like to see a photo of this paint on a GM A body buick.

  2. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    My book shows this color as code 18 for both Buick and Chev. This color was only available in Canada so would have to a special order on an A Body. Might be a toughie.


    1. Additional colors were offered on Canadian Chevrolet models that were not offered on their U.S. built counterparts. Whether all of these additional colors were available on Chevelles is not known but many were.

    18 ~ Charcoal Gray
    19 ~ Tuxedo Black
    25 ~ Mediterranean Blue
    28 ~ Fathom Blue Metallic
    46 ~ Oasis Green Metallic
    54 ~ Desert Gold Metallic
    58 ~ Turin Tan
    62 ~ Driftwood
    69 ~ Aegean Brown Metallic

    Note that even Tuxedo Black was only availible in Canada in '72

    Info found here
  3. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Anywhere close to 67 Riviera color Charcoal Grey?

  4. efogs400

    efogs400 Well-Known Member

    1968 V-1 Charcoal

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  5. myerslaw

    myerslaw Well-Known Member

    Are you saying your paint is '68 V-1 Charcoal?

    It looks very nice...
  6. myerslaw

    myerslaw Well-Known Member

    It does look closer to the paint on the '68 convertilbe
    right below your post....
  7. efogs400

    efogs400 Well-Known Member

    Thank you

    Yes 68 V-1 Charcoal is what is on the trim tag however in certain light it takes on a green tinge.
  8. myerslaw

    myerslaw Well-Known Member

    The paint is very nice, indeed. It offers more than charcoal;
    there is something else going on and that makes it very attractive...

    Is this a "period" paint from the day?

    Or is this modern base coat, clear coat paint?

    Is this a metallic paint?

    If I went to my paint guy would he be able to identify this
    on his chart with just that info: 68 V-1 Charcoal?

    Is that a gm code or buick specific code?

  9. 65specialconver

    65specialconver kennedy-bell MIA

  10. efogs400

    efogs400 Well-Known Member

    The car was painted before I bought it however the jambs and underside of the trunk lid look original and the color is a pretty close match, it would appear to be BCCC.

    If I recall correctly the V-1 decodes from 67 however perhaps as this was built early in 68 the code was carried over, not really sure why that is.

    I believe it is Buick specific and yes it's metallic. I have spoken to the original owner and he special ordered the car in this color, with the white top and interior it really stands out, plus being a 3 speed manual GS400 it is a pretty rare car overall.
  11. nekkidhillbilly

    nekkidhillbilly post whore

    i do know gm offered that color from the 60s on up till the late 90s when they went to storm gray which is just a hair darker

    ksp cruisers used it at one time

    you made my decision my car will be gray i tossed around it and few other colors
  12. Double "D"

    Double "D" GEAUX SAINTS

    very nice color... close to mine, but I'm not sure what it is - my car was light blue in 1970.
  13. drbuck62

    drbuck62 New Member

    I knew Chevy had Color Code 19 ~ Tuxedo Black in 1970, but I have never seen is on a Buick paint chart? Is 19 ~ Tuxedo Black used in 1970 for all GMs?
  14. Doo Wop

    Doo Wop Where were you in '62?

    To answer your question Color Code 19 applies to all '70 lines though under different names.

    Buick......Regal Black
    Olds.......Ebony Black
    Cadillac...Sable Black

  15. raresun

    raresun Well-Known Member bring back an old thread....does anyone here have a 72 that is Charcoal Mist?

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