Coil over shocks

Discussion in 'Race car chassis tech' started by Briz, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Briz

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    The Regal has a shortened Ford 9" with ladder bars. A pair of very old very beat looking coil overs support the car. I'd guess they still work good as the car hooks and leaves great on 10.5" MT slicks. Seeing as how Im in the midst of rebuilding the rear end Might as well replace the tetanus looking shock and springs. Stopped at Summit last night on my way through Ga to check out my options. Single or double adjustable and they dont come with springs. Id say I got pretty light springs on it now. Car weighs around 2900 with me in it. The shocks come in 3 lengths 10" 12" and 14". is this the measure of the travel or the overall length of the shock eyelet to eyelet?

    What do I need to know to make the right decission.
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    Viking Double adjustable, best bang for the buck and more than capable

    JW is a dealer for them

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