Complete A/C system for 70-72 Skylark

Discussion in 'Parts for sale' started by hlee70, Dec 30, 2019.

  1. hlee70

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    Complete A/C system - EVERYTHING comes with it. Condenser, Compressor, Brackets, Lines, Outside and Inside Heater boxes, Controls, Ductwork. Came out of my 1970 Skylark with 350 4bbl. Still have car in my possession. This car came out of Georgia and everything is super clean. $750 or offer + shipping from Michigan. Contact me at 586-522-7664 for more information.
  2. honest03060

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    Still for sale? I only need the outboard evap-blower motor housing and the condenser-wattaching brackets and the dryer attaching brackets?
  3. hlee70

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    Hi John
    I didn't want to separate it yet but if the price is right I may do it. What were you thinking money wise for those parts that you need?
  4. Buick GS

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    I am interested in the whole package if it is still available
    PM sent
    / Tommy
  5. hlee70

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