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    Anyone know the outside case diameter of the switch pitch 300 and 400 converters? Probably picking up a 400 trans soon and the guy has converters too (I want the looser 300).

    I just want to be certain how to identify the switch pitch 300 vs 400 converters besides the obvious “ this one is bigger”. Dimensions, even pictures would be very much appreciated!

    Also, I will have the trans rebuilt but wonder if the converter can be used as is or perhaps tested.
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    I had Jim Weise rebuild my ST400 and my ST300 converter. (Both switch Pitch).

    So, I recommend you go that route.
    The few people I talked to about doing the rebuild locally (Florida Panhandle) and even had my brother take it back to Wichita but all of them had the same "The Switch Pitch was junk and why GM abandoned it" garbage.

    Needles to say, if you don't love Buicks, you are not touching anything of mine.

    So, contacted Jim and he was happy to take it on as busy as he was with Ken's project.

  4. Dragdoc

    Dragdoc Well-Known Member

    Great info thanks so much guys!

    And that sticky was right under my nose...kinda like when I ask the wife where my dress sock are!
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    BRUCE ROE Well-Known Member

    Things get called junk by those who do not understand it. Switch Pitch
    was dropped in 68 because it was cheaper to bore the engines a little bit
    bigger, than to build a better trans. The BEAN COUNTERS were already
    pissed off that the superb TH400 design got out when they were not
    looking, but they already had prevented a proper trans control going into
    cars. Bruce Roe

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