Convertible for a parade?

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by Waterboxguy03, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. Waterboxguy03

    Waterboxguy03 Well-Known Member

    My oldest is in a town pageant and is in the parade sunday the 18th. She is hoping for a convertible to ride in. Would anyone around the ohio indiana area 30 min north of dayton want to show their convertible in a parade?

  2. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Troy or Tipp?
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  3. Waterboxguy03

    Waterboxguy03 Well-Known Member

    New Bremen. About 20 odd minutes up 75
  4. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Know where it is. Back when the kids were in Marching Band, we played in a contest there. I pulled one of the 4 trailers (big band). 1972 Centurion convertible. Dark Green, green top, parade boot, Chrome rally wheels, dark saddle interior, original everything. Paint is not the best (cleans up semi-well, a 20 footer if you will). She ok with a dark green car?

    I would want to know timing etc so I can make sure this is good on my end, especially with "She Who Must Be Obeyed".
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  5. Waterboxguy03

    Waterboxguy03 Well-Known Member

    She approves of it so it's up to you. The parade is at 1:00 next sunday the 18th. So I'd imagine staging would be 12:00. It's a pretty decent time. Please let me know.
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  6. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

  7. Waterboxguy03

    Waterboxguy03 Well-Known Member

    Looks good to me.
  8. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Dusty in that photo....I'll take care of it. I'm near Marysville and the timing is good. email me at brad(at) with the where and maybe your phone number.

    Glad to help.
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  9. Waterboxguy03

    Waterboxguy03 Well-Known Member

    Email sent. Thank you Brad!
  10. Lee Bacon

    Lee Bacon Well-Known Member

    That’s really cool and nice of you Brad to help out!!
  11. yachtsmanbill

    yachtsmanbill Well-Known Member

    Thats what makes Buick owners special! ws
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  12. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Welp, that was close. Last evening Drew came over to help spiff up the old Centurion a little, a little quick detailer, if you will. Pulled it out to get the tires and steam starts rising from under the hood...ut-ohh. Pop the hood and coolant is GUSHING from the heater control valve, GUSHING. Quickly back in the barn to diagnose. Heater Control Valve is toast and leaking internally as well as the driver side valve cover gasket leaking. It's 9pm on Wednesday (Billy Joel would have sung "On a Saturday..."). and all stores local are closed. Get on line and start searching, NAPA being my first choice but beggars can't be chooser's. Nada. Nothing at Advance. Nothing at the big green Irish store. Check on "the Zone". shows both parts as available TONIGHT at the 'Zone on West Broad St in Columbus, 45 minute drive. I call to double check. Clerk didn't even want to lay hands on saying he's sure there "ain't no way" they have the parts. Comes back on line and says, I'll be darn, we got 'um! I ask, like in your hands you "got 'um"? Yep! Holding them now. I ask him how late they are open (it's 9:15pm by now) and he says "we're open allll night". And away we go to the west side of Columbus to a somewhat unsavory part of town, to get the parts, myself and my two pals, Smith & Wesson. Parts installed, antifreeze topped off and no more smoke off the leaky valve cover gasket.

  13. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    You've gone over & above Brad. Just another day in the life of a GOOD MAN!!!!
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  14. GSST1

    GSST1 Well-Known Member

    Justin and Brad,

    No one else may fess up, but I would like to see pictures during the parade (I have a sweet daughter as well)! Way to go Brad!!

  15. Waterboxguy03

    Waterboxguy03 Well-Known Member

    Holy crap. All because of a parade. I am grateful.

    The parts counter guys get a little panicky when you mention a buick...their eyes probably crossed when you said a centurion.
  16. Waterboxguy03

    Waterboxguy03 Well-Known Member

    I am sure there will be a lot of pictures. I'll return with some after the show.
  17. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Yea, he kept say "Century" and I kept correcting him "Centurion, with an "O". Almost got to be too funny...
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  18. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    Been back for a couple of hours from the parade and had a great time. Very nice to meet Justin, his wife and FIVE DAUGHTERS!! All very nice young ladies. Temperatures were in the low 90's and as usual, the Centurion never missed a beat or overheated. Even crawling in parade traffic temps never got above 220*. I love this old car! It's a fun driver.

    Justin will be posting photos in a little bit. He has a beautiful daughter who has her head screwed on right. Very nice to see this in the future generations!
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  19. Waterboxguy03

    Waterboxguy03 Well-Known Member

    Brad, very sorry for the far delayed pics and video. My wife has a bunch more that I will work on getting today (I was the video guy). Thank you again for helping my daughter have great parade!

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  20. Brad Conley

    Brad Conley Super Moderator Staff Member

    It was fun!!! Very hot however but the Centurion never missed a beat!

    Good luck to your lovely ladies in all of their future endeavors.
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