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  1. Do I just use trans fluid? How much does it need if i've completely drained it? Is there good instructions on how to bleed it somewhere?

    It wasn't working when I got the car but I do hear an audible click from the back when I turn the knob. I have removed the fluid but I now want to fill it back up and bleed it to test.

    Thanks for any help.
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    You can use automatic transmission fluid, you can use hydraulic fluid also or just mineral oil.
    If your top motor isn't running when empty adding fluid will not get it running.
    If it runs, or if you get another which does run, you fill it with the top in the down position. You run it up and down and keep filling the reservoir with the top in the down position. Doing this several times, no set amount of times to mention, will bleed out air and get the top working well. The reservoir is full when the fluid is level with the bottom of the fill hole with the top down and all air out. Remember to add fluid when the top is in the down position ONLY! You can overfill it if you don't heed the down position warning. When it is overfilled it will blow something up, the weakest part in the system will bust and make a big mess to clean up.
    This is a good place to find parts AND information;

    If you buy a new pump most will have a rubber plug in the fill hole on the reservoir. This is their idea of a "Pop off valve". If it is overfilled it will blow the rubber plug out along with a lot of fluid and hopefully save all the other components.
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  3. Thanks, this is great info. I have reason to believe the pump works as my father in law said it did last he knew, I think the lines may have been clogged/gummed up before I disconnected them and drained everything. It sat for about 10 years and the top wasn't ran for awhile before that i'm guessing.

    I am on a shoestring budget so purchasing some fluid and testing it is way cheaper than buying a new one at this point. looks like they are readily available and easy to replace if I need to go that route.
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