Cool piece of Kustom Pontiac history: $17,000

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    Very, very cool. I love old vintage show cars that have been kept the way they are like alaskagn's Roadrunner and Ryan's GS. Cheap for what this is.

    1965 Pontiac Grand Prix show car "Big Chief" - $17000 (Kent)
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    1965 pontiac grand prix

    VIN: 266575P197676
    condition: excellent
    cylinders: 8 cylinders
    drive: rwd
    fuel: gas
    odometer: 1398
    paint color: custom
    size: full-size
    title status: clean
    transmission: automatic
    type: coupe

    I bought this car in an eBay auction in October 2007. It was delivered to my house via enclosed transport in December 2007. It has been in dry storage on a lift since then. The original eBay copy with all the original misspellings is as follows:

    Pontiac Famous Show Car
    Barn Find of Famous Pontiac Show Car:

    In the late 1960's, Dayton Ohio native Dick Krieger opened Krieger Vintage Car Parts. Dick was the go to guy for anything Pontiac. He decided to build the ULTIMATE PONTIAC SHOW CAR to trademark his business and show off his love of the Pontiac automobile. He decided to pick the 1965 Pontiac Grand Prix, the ultimate Pontiac of the day as his entry into the very competitive ISCA car show circuit. Dubbed THE BIG CHIEF the Grand Prix went thru a 3 year transformation into one of the top show cars in the nation. The body remains almost entirely stock. Dick thought Pontiac did their job in styling and it was his aim to enhance the basically stock body with custom paint by the fabled Tom Flarretty who took the car for over a year to come up with a customer paint scheme that would not be seen on any other custom of the day. His plan was to also promote the Pontiac Indian that Pontiac had used as it's trademark for over a half of a century. Flarrety's paint scheme started at the front of the car in candy red, then it slowly fades all the way to the back of the car in candy purple. Ghost flames run the entire length of the car and murals of indian scenes enhance the hood and the trunk. The Indian theme of the BIG CHIEF is carried over into the trunk, interior and in the engine compartment with murals, glass etchings and chrome etchings to complete the indian motif. Now,for more details let's start with the frame. The entire frame has been smoothed and painted gloss black. That's right, no welds. Everything that was bolted on was chrome plated before it was installed such as the whole front suspension, a arms, springs, rear end housing, trailing arms, etc. How about a plexiglass rear end cover to show the chrome plated posi traction unit. Now , the interior. Crushed velour bucket seats. The passenger seat swivels 90 degrees. The headliner features a roof console that houses the stereo tape system. The interior also has several hidden compartments that also highlight the indian theme (the more detail the more points you scored). The photos show the quality of the craftmenship envolved in the build of the BIG CHIEF that was competing for "Best of Show" every time the car was taken out. Now the trunk. Completely finished in the same crushed velour as in the passenger compartment with all the show essentials such as painted gas can, oil can, chrome plated tools and a Indian village scene that really impressed the judges and spectators alike. Now for the best part, the engine compartment. Let's start off with the firewall which is completely smoothed and accented withindian schemes airbrushed on. The inner fender wells painted in the same paint scheme as the car. Everything that unbolted was chrome plated before it was reinstalled and the under hood and radiator shroud is all polished aluminum panels that have been etched with indian scenes. Have I mentioned the engine? How about Pontiacs fabled 421 tripower and as you have already out, everything is either chrome plated or polished aluminum. Even the carbs are chrome. The car currently has Crager SS wheels with spinners and a very rar set of Dayton Freedom radials with red whit and blue letters (only 50 sets were produced). The history of this car is well documented winning top honrs at just about every Cavalcade of Customer car show events from 1973 to 1984 on the east coast. This car was the car to beat during these times and even has it's p[icture in the ISCA rule book for the 77/78 season.

    A friend of mine had told me about an old Pontiac in a garage out in the country. I decided to go look at it. When we started pulling off the 20 bedsheets covering the car, I couldn't believe my eyes. I couldn't believe that we just found a rare piece of automotive muscle car show car history. And the car was in excellent condition, no rust on the chrome, the cars paint is unbelievable, the interior looks new, the Crager wheels have a little suface rust but other than that the car looks like it did back in the day. Looking at what things cost today, you couldn't reproduce this car for under $150,000 and the good thing is you don't have to because it's ready to go. Did I mention that it runs? Yes, it started right up and is ready to hit the streets for the first time in 30 years. The details above are only a portion of what's been done to the car. If you have any questions or are interested in owning a huge piece of Pontiac automotive history, we are offering this car for sale. Please give me a call at xxx-xxx-xxxx.

    The first 20 pictures are from the eBay listing, the next 3 pictures are the enclosed transport delivery, the last picture is the lift the Big Chief has been living on. The car has been in "suspended animation" for the last 12 years and still looks the same as the eBay pictures.

    The car itself is a heavily optioned 1965 Grand Prix. Power steering, power brakes, automatic, air conditioning, power windows including vent windows, power antenna, power driver's seat, claimed to be a 421 engine. I can verify it has tri-power. The custom seats appear to be made out of plywood covered with a thin layer of foam and the velour fabric; they are extremely uncomfortable. I have a binder in the trunk with hand written notes by Mr. Krieger of all the shows he took the car to in 1975 and 1976. The binder also includes newspaper clippings featuring the car and a 1977 Hot Rod Show World magazine with a picture listing it as the Custom Sweepstakes Winner.

    I paid $15,000 for the car, $1,600 for enclosed transport, and $670 to transfer the title and get the collector plate. That is why I'm asking $17,000, to try to recover most of what I have put into it. The car starts and runs, but it is lot drivable only. You CAN'T drive it any distance because of features like the plexiglas rear end cover and plexiglas valve cover. It must be transported! You will be able to drive it onto a trailer as long as it is low clearance with a small breakover because of the side pipes.

    Now is your chance for your own "barn find". If nobody buys it, I get to put it on a trailer and take it to my new home in eastern Washington.
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    Maybe a Blackhawks fan might be interested......... upload_2020-1-15_15-43-13.jpeg
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    That car is so way over the top that I don't think it would appeal to many people, Poncho fanatics aside. The door panels are like Fred Flintstone meets the Bruins. Plywood front seats, no thanks.
    Still, the man hours in that car are substantial. Clean it up and put it in a museum someplace that's climate controlled.
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    Hmmm, I like the 65 Bonnevilles but that interior is a bit much. That differential cover is pretty cool though. But that probably makes it undriveable.
  5. Brian Albrecht

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    Way cool!!!
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    This is my bro Layne's (alaskagn) Roadrunner and our Pop's old '67 Chevelle (red '66 is my older bro's high school 11 second drag car) We're kinda into the old show car thing. I wanted Ryan's GS and decided I was going to buy it sight unseen if he didn't get it. I am happy he got it, though. He's done a great job a lot quicker then I would've gotten to it myself.
    1969-road-runner-custom-paint.jpg 20200114_173002.jpg 20200114_173018.jpg
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    I don't know whether to pet it, shave it or shoot it...!?
    Drivers with dust mite allergies need not apply...that is way too over the top, wouldn't be caught dead in something like this. The see-through valve covers are a neat touch, but obviously it doesn't run or move.
    No, just say no...
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    If it was built today, you'd be correct. Since it was state of the art built in the 70s and preserved properly, it's a time capsule showcar. I would never do something like this to a car now, or Ryan's, or my dad's car, or my brother's, but as representations of their period in automotive history, they are important and the skill in the bodies and paint jobs alone is something to be marveled at. The Roadrunner has the craziest effects you've ever seen, and it was finished in '73 (correct me if I'm wrong, Layne) and is still show car perfect today. My Dad's Chevelle has 67 coats of paint and clear, well, because why wouldn't you on a 67 Chevelle show car. We put a real LS6 painted matching plum crazy that was built and dyno'd at 560 hp and ran 12 flats with 3.08 gears. Not for everyone for sure, but for hot rodders and custom car guys that don't think being 1 of 30 is rare enough because when you think about it, it just means there's 29 other guys out there with the exact same car as you and that isn't super amazing sounding, they're pretty cool.
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  9. Ryans-GSX

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    Very cool!!! I could live with everything except the interior on this Pontiac. I would just have to redo that to something a little less over the top but still a vintage look. I would think this Pontiac would be a fun car to cruise around in. I really enjoy my car a lot. My GS gets so much attention and people just absolutely love seeing the car at shows. Lots of people really enjoy reminiscing about the wild paint jobs and extreme show cars from the 70's and it just makes people smile. I smile every time I go into the garage and look at it. To me its just so fun and wild and I would love to have this Pontiac parked beside it after a short trip to the custom interior shop lol.
  10. OHC JOE


    Super cool find for sure.
    Also I guess the rear end clear cover is something only awesome Pontiac owners do.

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    If Alan Wander sees this thread, we will soon hear the eBay keyboard button flush.

    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block we know what happened to the people who didn’t heed the warning about avoiding the brown acid:confused:
    Never doubt Wavy Gravy....he knows dude....he just knooooows
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    Very cool! I noticed only the drivers side has the see through valve cover.
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    STAGE III Lost Experimental Block

    Yes,a very light dusting to the interior with a flamethrower & I might be able to dig it.

    I love the description on the seats “extremely uncomfortable “

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    Can't believe there hasn't been a "black light" comment yet :p
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    I'm a big Blackhawks fan,but I don't think I could love this car..The clear valve covers are cool though..
  17. Chi-Town67

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    That makes 2 of us.
  18. My3Buicks

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  19. Ryans-GSX

    Ryans-GSX Have fun, life is short.

    Wow I just noticed that even the underside of the car was custom painted. Thats a ton of work
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    And the pics don't show it very well, but everything else is chromed if it wasn't painted. Dunno why he thinks you can't drive it because of the clear diff cover and valve covers. Lots of guys did that back in the day and drove with them just fine (see Joe's post). The valve covers would eventually end up getting milky looking and weren't see through anymore, so the fad kinda faded out. Wish I had clear valve covers on my big engine:

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