Cracked timing cover fix buick 430

Discussion in 'Street/strip 400/430/455' started by Storm Brænden, Dec 3, 2019.

  1. So i was replacing the gasket for the timing cover and waterpump since it had a small leak, but when i assembled it and poured some coolant in the water pump it still leaked more than ever.. i took the pump off once again og took a thin layer off gasket sealer on it and mounted it back together, still leaked.. then i Found a crack in the timing cover at a bolt hole. will this cause it to leak? And is there any chance off fix this or should i just go order a new timing cover?

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  2. Brian Albrecht

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    Sir, you need a new cover judging solely from the corrosion in the photo.
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  3. telriv

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    That crack should cause no problem since it's an external crack, BUT it does need a new timing cover because of the corrosion.
  4. Yeah, i think the engine has ran with just water in it for years, had a couple frostplugs that i had to replace aswell because if corrosion.
    So that crack shouldnt be a water leak source?
  5. Chi-Town67

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  6. DasRottweiler

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  7. telriv

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    hat bolt hole doesn't appear to have a Heli-Coil in it, BUT corrosion buildup.
  8. Schurkey

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    WHERE is it leaking? Big difference between a leak at a gasket surface, and a leak because of casting porosity.

    The corroded casting MIGHT be repairable. A broken bolt hole MIGHT be repairable. A porous casting MIGHT be repairable. But you have to find the leak(s) to fix them.
  9. So yeah, got a new timing cover, waterpump and fuel pump.
    I didt mark the distributor or anything, the engine has been turned over many times so can i just drop the distributor back in or do i need to take the cap of and align the rotor with nr one cylinder? Im new to Ignition stuff and have never timed a ignition
  10. 1969RIVI

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  11. Brian Albrecht

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    When you suggest you've turned the engine over many times, is that an implication that you've primed the oil pump somehow? Was the timing gear packed with petroleum jelly first? Most of do that and turn the gears with a drill motor and hooligan tool of some sort.
  12. BrunoD

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    I have a good used one for $150.00.Bruno.
  13. Just turens
    I turned the enigne with a wrench couple of times and didnt mark anything. i packed the oil pump with vaselin, some guy on youtube did that on a 455:)
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  14. Stevem

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    New one time!

    All of that corrosion will impead coolant flow!
  15. I had some issues with overheating lastsummer, maybe the new cover and waterpump will help

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