Cruise control issues

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    I put in a factory cruise control into my 66 Electra a couple of weeks ago, and it didn't work. I'm still on holidays with the car and expect to be back home to the tools in a couple of days. So there were a couple of issues that were a problem with this set up right off the hop;
    1) Had to make up a wiring harness from scratch. I used a shop manual and essentially built the "composite harness" that is missing in my car. Used the correct colour codes where I could. I used 16 gauge wire. I had component plugs, so I spliced up the new wires straight onto these plugs.
    2) The indicator light for the dash (it is a green light that says "engaged" when the cruise is activated) doesn't work, I wasn't able to fab up a contact for the dash plug. Tried to plug it onto the bulb, probably isn't getting good contact. Is this an integral part of the circuit?
    3) The brake cut out and the cruise diaphragm had no plugs, had to fab them completely up. I did the colour coding as the book said, hope I got it right. Any way to check that?

    My next step when I get back is to see if I have power going ahead. I believe it works from the fuse block to the brake switch, then on to the transducer, and then on to the diaphragm and the switch. After that, I'm pretty much at a loss as to where and how to test next.

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