Dale Earnhardt and Family’s Jet Catches Fire

Discussion in 'The Bench' started by flynbuick, Aug 15, 2019.

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    Dude did they just pull a Baby out of that Plane.
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    Little baby Amy is OK. Thank God
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    When you overshoot the runway and take out the landing gear the fuel tanks can rupture and cause a fire. The landing gear is collapsed on this Citation, it is off the runway in the grass and it obviously caught fire.
  6. Davis

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    The fence was wrapped around the airplane but luckily did not effect the exits.
  7. copperheadgs1

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    Was weather poor?
  8. flynbuick

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    VFR with calm winds.

    The NTSB spoke after reviewing local surveillance tapes. The aircraft twice sustained major bounces during landing. The right landing gear collapsed sending the aircraft off the right side of the runway through a ditch and fence. It stopped on the contiguous highway. The fire started after the occupants exited.
  9. Jim Weise

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    What causes the bounce Jim... coming down too fast?

  10. flynbuick

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    Since the winds were calm, it would generally be pilot error. Carrying too much speed at the initial point of touchdown will cause the plane to resume flight even with the power pulled back to idle. Having said that there not a pilot alive that has never bounced one on landing. How you handle the power and the control inputs after the bounce determines the outcome. The landing can still be saved and made smooth. Something to be determined happened here cause the right landing gear collapsed and they are built tough.

    Another scenario is they let the plane get too slow and it quit flying too soon and bounced. At 4500 feet this is a legal airport for this plane but a lot of insurance carriers would want 5000 feet. With the high terrain around you need final airspeed just right. There is a number published for the conditions. My guess is the speed is somewhere between 90 to 120 knots.
  11. John Codman

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    Another possibility is what is called a PIO (Pilot Induced Oscillation). The pilot bounces the airplane on the initial touchdown, then gets "out of sync" with the aircraft. The oscillations then continue and frequently gets worse until something breaks. The busticated landing gear makes this a real possibility.
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    For sure, sometimes called purposing.

    Another explanation is they could have stalled the airflow over the wings after the initial bounce. This would cause a sudden drop. But all kinds of warnings would be sounding with an audible horn. That aircraft may also have a stick shaker warning.

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