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Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by Ken Mild, Oct 6, 2004.

  1. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    I want to buy a good detail pen preferably with a good felt applicator for painting the recessed portions of my wheel well moldings black. On the 69 GS's, on certain models, the stainless wheel well moldings had a black stripe running the full length in the recessed area. Any ideas? I know Eastwood has one, but I don't know if the tip is too, wide, too narrow or what? Anybody ever have any experience with this?
  2. Nicholas Sloop

    Nicholas Sloop '08 GS Nats BSA runner up

    Personally, I've always used a brush...
    no experience with paint pens...
  3. GStage1

    GStage1 Always looking for parts!

    There is some tool that includes a wheel and a glass jar to hold paint for pinstripping. I saw this at some Corvette show and this demonstrator could pinstripe a car in 15 mins. He was fast and accurate. I don't know if this tool is still made but I bet you can find some info on the internet. Had different size wheels and widths and would probably be the key tool for your project.
  4. RED GS 1

    RED GS 1 Well-Known Member

    Checkout :Smarty:
  5. Ken Mild

    Ken Mild King of 18 Year Resto's

    Yeah Kenny, as my post stated I've been to Eastwood. I have tons of their stuff, I like it a lot. For this purpose though all Eastwood has are these "touch up pens" that I was specifically asking about, if anyone has ever used them.

    As GStage1 states, there's this glass jar with roller thingy for accuracy as well. Eastwood also offers this, but to get the whole package it's like $100. I'm not looking to spend that much to do what could probably be done for $10, so that's why I was asking about the "pens".

    Somebody must have used these??

    I "could" use a brush I suppose, but there's too much room for error with a brush and paint. I'd rather use the controlled delivery that a "pen" offers, but wanted to know if anyone else has used them.
  6. Jim68Skylark

    Jim68Skylark Well-Known Member

    The pen is not as easy as one would think.

    I made a mess with one, wound up sanding it down and using regular little jar of touch paint with little brush in cap.

    This was with a "PaintScratch" pen.
  7. BA

    BA Well-Known Member

    Testors used to make this type of pen for models and they came in various colors. Don't know if they are still available.
  8. Ken R. Nissen

    Ken R. Nissen Well-Known Member

    paint pens

    I have used the paint pens that you are refering to. It is called DecoColor--Opaque Paint Marker. Mfg byMarvy Uchida of America.Found the little jewel at the local hobby shop. When I asked the this item I thought the lady would throw me out but--she pointed to a box of pens that actually are filled with paint. I got the silver one to do my tailites on my 72 car. The raised portion that is a fine line in silver. also used the pen on the dash area that has raised areas around the speedo, clock, great and looks just like factory silver. I am not sure this is what you are looking for but give it a try. I also have a rubber product that is used to go on sharp edges to protect paint and where the paint may chip off under the sharp trim. I used the rubber when I reinstalled my wheel well moldings. Had to trim one side for correct width,bit other than that it looks really great around each wheel well. Newer car come with a protective rubber from the factory. I any one would like a sample I will send to you.Ken
  9. Smartin

    Smartin Staff Member

    Here is the paint pen I used tonight on my dash:


    And this is the before shot:


    After: (for some reason, the lines look all crooked and wavy in the picture - I guarantee you, it looks good in real life)


    One close-up of the middle emblem:

  10. BA

    BA Well-Known Member

    Hey Smartin,

    That's the one I have used also and was happy with the results.

    Bill :)

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