Did 1964-67 GM wagons ever get fitted with rear air deflectors?

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by elagache, Mar 28, 2016.

  1. elagache

    elagache Platinum Level Contributor

    Dear V-8 Buick longroof fans,

    There is a fellow selling a station wagon rear air deflector on eBay that he claims was designed for 1964-67 GM A-body wagons:


    I've never seen a picture of any wagon of the period with a rear air deflector, however, the guy claims it is very rare. Does anybody know if this guy is telling the truth or is he misinformed?

    Cheers, Edouard

    P.S. I'm not interested in it because I don't think it will look very nice on my wagon, but I am curious to know if this is a "real McCoy."
  2. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    I remember seeing air deflectors on a '60's Special wagon in the scrap yard at GM Obsolete in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Give me a few minutes to find the photos :kodak:
  3. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    It's not a 1964-1967 wagon, it's a '63:




  4. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    Edouard, does this also count? :bglasses:

    Click image to visit website :Comp:

  5. Bad Boattail

    Bad Boattail Guest

    1965 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu wagon:

  6. elagache

    elagache Platinum Level Contributor

    Doesn't look OEM (Re: 1964-67 GM wagons with rear air deflectors?)

    Dear Erik and V-8 Buick fans of longroofs,

    Well thanks, those pictures definitely cured me of any interest in rear air deflectors. I absolutely don't like the effect on 1965 GM wagon. Still, your postings only thicken the plot. The rear air deflectors in those pictures could have been added after the wagons was built. The pictures of the scale model definitely looks like a modelers add-on. None of these rear air deflectors look like the deflector for sale on eBay.

    So the mystery deepens at least in my mind. Anyone else have some info on this?

    Cheers, Edouard
  7. wkillgs

    wkillgs Gold Level Contributor

  8. elagache

    elagache Platinum Level Contributor

    Interesting side deflectors (Re: 1964-67 GM wagons with rear air deflectors?)

    Dear Walt and fans of mid-60s V-8 Buicks,

    It is certainly possible. Alas we bought our wagon second-hand and I've never seen an accessories catalog for sale.

    Thanks for the link! Actually, the side-wing deflectors look nicer than the rear air deflectors. Although I don't think I want that on my wagon either.

    Interesting accessories in that catalog. Too bad you can't order them today!

    Cheers, Edouard
  9. RogerZ

    RogerZ Well-Known Member

    My 65 Sport Wagon had them, not sure what happened to them, they disappeared about 40 years ago when my father owned it
  10. elagache

    elagache Platinum Level Contributor

    Dear Roger and V-8 Buick "long-roof" fans,

    ;) . . . . Now he tell's me! There was one of these deflectors on eBay a year or more ago. I still don't know if I want to put one of these things on my trusty wagon, but not knowing if they ever were on a Buick, I sure wasn't going to be the first! . . . . :D

    Cheers, Edouard :)
  11. 67Vista

    67Vista Member

    A rear deflector came with my 1967 Vista Cruiser. I have no idea when it was installed. It is all aluminum and very well made. My guess is that it was some kind of dealer installed option. I think it looks fine and seems to do a decent job of preventing exhaust from being pulled back into the cabin when the rear window is down. DSCN0242.JPG
  12. elagache

    elagache Platinum Level Contributor

    Dear 67Vista and V-8 Buick "long-roof" fans,

    Thanks for sharing the information and picture. I have a 1965 Buick accessories catalog and that's where I spotted the rear deflector so I'm reasonably confident that is indeed a dealer installed accessory. My understanding is that the location of the exhaust pipe to the side of the car is mostly sufficient to avoid getting exhaust into the car when the window is down. My wagon doesn't have the deflector and yet doesn't have a problem with exhaust. Still the deflector should help keep debris off the tailgate window.

    Cheers, Edouard

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