Does your Buick still have the protecto plate?

Discussion in 'The "Paper Trail"' started by JayZee88, Apr 18, 2016.

  1. Sportwagon400

    Sportwagon400 Well-Known Member

    I have the p o p for my 69 GS400 convert but mine is unique the normal routine was when the buyer bought his car the dealer would use the dynamo gun to add the name address and in service date
    In my case the dealer sent the original buyers information to GM of Canada in Oshawa and the stamped the information into the p o p and mailed it to the customer

    I talked to George at GM historical services and he told me this service was offered but rarely used
    In my opinion that makes my p o p very rare indeed

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  2. ragtops

    ragtops Gold Level Contributor

    Yep, I have all the books for the 65.

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  3. bignastyGS

    bignastyGS Maggot driver

    My Maggot has his in the dash as well as the transfer of the warranty paper..
  4. chucknixon

    chucknixon 67 Sportwagon 400

    Got the P-O-P, original dealer invoice of the sale, and lots of other paper work for the 67 Sportwagon. Happen to have a 65 Corvette coupe that has it all plus letter from GM Chevrolet general manager thanking the first buyer for purchasing the Corvette.
  5. #7

    #7 Well-Known Member

    Yes. Got all original paperwork except window sticker. All still in glove box when i bought the car. Also have tried to find original owner but no luck so far.
  6. 75Riv

    75Riv A.K.A. Harry Clamshell

    Through the POP of my 68 Wildcat I got in contact with the first owner. Unfortunately the lovely lady deceased a few months after. Was never able to show her the promised photos of the Cat. Did also got in contact with the daughter of the Pontiac-Buick dealer that sold the car new. She provided me with a NOS dealer emblem.
  7. Dan Healey

    Dan Healey Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the plate was stamped at the factory, then the peel & stick installed at the dealer.
  8. OHC JOE


    My car still has the pop plate and also a temporary one...and in the dealership envelope

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  9. SpecialWagon65

    SpecialWagon65 Ted Nagel

    Yes, I have them for my 70 Stage 1, 65 Wildcat 4-speed Coupe.
  10. gd2227

    gd2227 Platinum Level Contributor

    My 1969 GS 400 convertible still has: Window sticker, POP, warranty booklet, accessory booklet, sales invoice, contract, insurance info, sales persons business card, license plate frame, 4 build sheets (the fifth is still on the fuel tank), all of the safety cards and every receipt from all of the service work performed up until 2013.. I think the only parts not original are the tires, the exhaust, 1 or 2 of the hoses, ignition parts (cap, wires, plugs, and rotor), and the enamel paint job from 1989.
  11. Dan Healey

    Dan Healey Well-Known Member

    Yep, factory embossed the plate, then the dealer embossed the peal and stick label with the buyers info... And yes, I have my 71 GS conv pop.
  12. gd2227

    gd2227 Platinum Level Contributor


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