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Discussion in 'Interior City' started by Moring, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Moring

    Moring Well-Known Member

    Looking for some advice on restoring some luster to the vinyl door interiors... As you can see in the image below, they're in good shape, but there's a lot of sun baking that's occurred over the past 50 years and you can see the lightened areas in the valleys of the patterning. I'd like to bring this back to solid black... I know there's vinyl dye (AKA glorified spray paint) but this seems like overkill for this job.

    It seems like the ideal tool to throw at this would be some sort of compound that could be "turned" in, much like how shoes are polished. I'm not suggesting using shoe polish on this(!), but I wonder if there's a similar tool to tackle small interior sections like this?

  2. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    Simple Green or Dawn and a fingernail brush, rinse several times.

    You can apply TriNova or Meguiars black restorer.

    Do not put this stuff on your pedal pads or floor mats, or your shoes will no longer hook up and you will have severe feet spin and get sideways.
  3. Moring

    Moring Well-Known Member

    Thanks Michael, I'll try your advice. Man, I'm anxious to make it out of this cold northeastern winter so I can start working on this.
  4. BrianTrick

    BrianTrick Brian Trick

    I use simple green for a lot of this,and if Castle still makes 222,that is good as well. I don’t dress or armor all anything in my interiors.
  5. buick64203

    buick64203 Right wing conservative Staff Member

    I do the same thing as Michael- Undiluted Simple green and a scrub brush. An old toothbrush works well for tight areas. A bucket of hot water and a microfiber towel too! I bet you have to change the water in the bucket 3 times because it turned black!
  6. Moring

    Moring Well-Known Member

    I would not be surprised by a filthy bucket: this past weekend I soaked & cleaned my rear seat belts and that water was like the Ole Miss'.

    Jason, I want to thank you for referring Walt the locksmith to the board: I used his services recently and was impressed that he was able to ID the door/ignition key by just looking at the door locks! They work great & it saved me the trouble of dismantling the console just to get a key code.
  7. buick64203

    buick64203 Right wing conservative Staff Member

    Oh cool! Glad it worked out. Walt really knows his stuff!

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