edelbrock carb and intake setup 1967 Riv

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    Hi everybody like I said in some other forums I am new to the forum and to the Buick scene. I have been restoring a 1967 riviera and have finally made it to the best part, the engine building and tuning. I have an aftermarket Edlebrock carb and intake setup on it. The car didn't come together so I never had I really good idea of how to attach the throttle linkage to the throttle arm in the engine compartment. So I kind of made my own and it seemed to work okay. However when I open the carb a 1/4 throttle the linkage is hard to open up further making it pretty unsafe to drive. The linkage seems fine and so does the arm however I was wondering if the carb butterflies were getting stuck or possibly the spring was to strong for the car? If anyone has an ideas on how to fix it that would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone has some pics of there linkage for an Edelbrock that would be nice to. Thanks!!
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    Sorry I cannot answer your question however if you do not get any replies here then make a post in the 455 street tech section as more people look in there....
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    post some pictures of your setup so we can see what you're working with

    ... if you disconnect your throttle linkage at the carb and then work the carb accelerator arm you should be able to dertirmine if the carb itself is binding up

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