Electric choke conversion

Discussion in 'The Venerable Q-Jet' started by The_Fixer, Jan 20, 2019.

  1. The_Fixer

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    Looking for help with this rebuilt carb. Not familiar so apologize if I should know.

    1 there’s no linkage on the choke butterfly. I need everything to convert to electric. Will it all come in a kit? Or do I need to find that rod?

    2. What’s the vacuum on the left of this photo for? Doesn’t appear to do anything.

  2. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    We sell the choke rod. https://quadrajetpower.com/choke-rod-67-74-buick-cadillac/

    Electric choke conversion doesn’t come with that rod. It has everything you need to mount the choke element to outside of carb. We sell the conversion or you can get it direct from ken at Everyday-performance
  3. buick64203

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    Do you think he might need that little linkage piece at the bottom too?
  4. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS


    The vacuum pod to the rear should pull vacuum from the top of the baseplate, passenger side. It is simply a secondary pulloff for the choke flap. The white primary pulloff cracks the flap open just a little relatively quickly, and the secondary opens it a bit more, but more slowly.
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  5. carmantx

    carmantx Never Surrender

    It is possible but it wouldn't just fall out if it was installed when assembled. We see many without the rod though.
  6. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Member

    Whew! First, thanks for the good responses! So the system will be the two vacuum pods, which pull open the choke, first slightly, then more, and the electric choke conversion? Asking another way, are the two vacuum pods kept when adding the electric choke conversion?
  7. techg8

    techg8 The BS GS

    The vacuum pods remain in place. The electric choke kit installs without disturbing them.

    There are links to installation videos on the product page I linked a few posts ago.
  8. The_Fixer

    The_Fixer Member

    Order placed. Nice kit. Connecting to the OEM elec. choke circuit. Slick!

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