Engine dies when braking

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Dragdoc, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Dragdoc

    Dragdoc Well-Known Member

    Hey guys, I’ve had my ‘60 LeSabre 364 2 bbl unceremoniously die with firm braking a few times. Just goes quiet - no cough or other sounds. Could this be a float set too high? Im picturing fuel sloshing forward as the issue (gas tank plenty full).

    I just converted to a dual chamber master cylinder, new wheel cyls, and proper adjustment. Stops very well now!
  2. TrunkMonkey

    TrunkMonkey Well-Known Member

    Put it in neutral let off the gas give it a second or two and then stop as you do when it dies.

    If it still dies, then look at the carb, if it does not, then look at the throttle return dashpot.

    It is supposed to slow the throttle plates closing the last bit on idle return to prevent stalling.

    This may be an issue now, with the change in idle vacuum, due to the brake work (booster?).
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  3. Dragdoc

    Dragdoc Well-Known Member

    Thank you! Will try as soon as I can - at my office fixing teeth to pay for this hobby! I should have said the car has manual brakes.

    I know nothing of the throttle return dashpot - looks like I may become familiar. Always good to learn more.

    Please tell me, Mr Monkey, what is the fix in either scenario?
  4. Stevem

    Stevem Well-Known Member

    If it's not the dash pot then it's too low a fuel level in the Carb if after the motor dies it comes back to a steady idle.
    If when it gets back near normal idle it's still unstable then your Carbs float level is too high and the motor is intermittently way rich!
  5. doc

    doc Well-Known Member

    likely the dashpot or idled too low.....
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