Engine swapping.

Discussion in ''Da Nailhead' started by Kurt Larsen, Nov 3, 2018.

  1. gsgtx

    gsgtx Silver Level contributor

    in 1964 i believe, the tranny was not a switch pitch. SP came out in 1965. if you dont want a SP find a 1964 tranny
  2. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    The 1st. year of the ST/TH400 was 1964 & IT WAS NOT A SWITCH-PITCH.
    I have good working '64 trans. if needed.

    Tom T.
  3. Houmark

    Houmark Well-Known Member

    Kurt, first you have to find out exact what transmission you have, and if it's connected to the rear end with a driveshaft..

    If the trans isn't connected, perhabs the easiest is to buy a complete engine and trans from USA..

    There's no point in finding a correct engine, if it doesn't fit your transmission..

    I'll phone some people tommorow, and see if I can locate a complete engine and trans, but we have same problem in Denmark as in Norway.. The few vendors that sell parts, only stock up Corvette and Mustang's..
  4. Kurt Larsen

    Kurt Larsen Member

    Hello. I have å TH400 in the CAR now . Only need a engine to put in. I have a 69 400 Pontiac Firebird in it now, but it doesn’t fit properly do to oil pan, pitman arm etc... I also have a 6,6 Duramax planed for the car, but I have come to that I don’t have time to ttake care of the job it will take. Have also a 57 Desoto project so I look for the easyest way to get the Electra on the road again.
  5. 300sbb_overkill

    300sbb_overkill WWG1WGA. MAGA

    Possibly get the Pontiac oil pan and a oil pump pickup that came out of the Electra's Pontiac sister car that has a center sump oil pan if Pontiac had those?

    Sounds like the oil pan is the only thing holding you back from installing the Pontiac in the car? Not sure if Pontiac made a center sump oil pan though, something you'll need to research.
  6. 66electrafied

    66electrafied Just tossing in my nickel's worth

    As far as I know, Pontiac never made a centre sump system. The Nailhead is the only thing that will fit in there, unless you want to do a lot of cutting and fitting. The crossmember is completely different starting in 1967, the 1966 is Buick only, and will only accommodate a Nailhead. The Pontiac used a different transmission up until 1965, so the mounting pattern is different too. The cheapest and easiest is to find a 401 and a SP 400 (Turbo 400 with switch pitch converter), or sell/scrap the car and buy a post-67 Buick.
    Second point: Why do you want to get rid of the Nailhead? They were more powerful than a Pontiac. Plus, all of your accessories will bolt up.
    There is nothing wrong with a Nailhead, I use a 1966 Buick with a 401 all summer long with no difficulties. I rebuilt it completely 8 years ago, and it is perfect. It doesn't use as much gasoline as my 430 does, and while it is a bit slower, it has more than enough power to move that big car around at 140-150 km/h all day long.
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  7. telriv

    telriv Well-Known Member

    I know a guy that had a '67 Riv. with a bad engine. He had a "Nail" & installed that. He said it was just about a bolt-in.
    He used to be on the forum as "nail in a '67" or something like that.
  8. John Codman

    John Codman Platinum Level Contributor

    It would be "just about a bolt in" if it was attached to a '64-'66 THM 400. The Nail will not bolt to the '67 transmission.
  9. Kurt Larsen

    Kurt Larsen Member

    Hello. I have now installed a 67 430 engine in my 1966 Electra. new TCI th400 trans, use engine mount from 68-71 skylark fits 100% drive and runs great.
  10. PGSS

    PGSS Well-Known Member

    Wow, nice follow up;)

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