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Discussion in 'Wrenchin' Secrets' started by HeavensDevil, Jul 12, 2019.

  1. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    Thank you sir. I stay 2 hrs late everyday and go in on Saturdays,, gotta love it!
  2. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    Oh yeah..... that definitely makes a difference! Too bad you don't live close to me...………. I could keep you real busy!! LOL
    Some of my stuff. I don't weld near as often or as well as you, but I try.

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  3. GS464

    GS464 Hopelessly Addicted

    Steve, you work still looks better than the boogers I seem to lay down. Once in a while, when the moon is full, the shop doo is propped open just so, my belt is just tight enough and I sing just the right words, I can lay down a good bead.
    Nothing like Heavensdevil though.
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  4. Briz

    Briz Platinum Level Contributor

    I got the old Lincoln 225 Tombstone welder for that. I like it just fine and lay some nice beads with it. The Eastwood 175 Mig and spool gun leaves much to be desired but it will stick stuff together. Took a welding course as a sort of refresher at the local Votech. Using the high $ machines there makes you see how really crappy the stuff at home is.
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  5. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    Those old transformer machines are rugged, I do like to burn some 7018s. I run a Miller at home and Fronius(best of the best IMO) at work but you can't beat those new green Everlast machines for the money right now for the guy doing stuff at home.
    Thanks for taking the time to put some pix up Steve! That would be awesome but currently working and living in a different hemisphere makes it difficult haha

    L O L
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  6. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    As promised here you go Benny
    Press brakes
    Fiber laser/turret
    C02 laser
    Spot welder and presses for inserts/studs/nutserts etc..
    Where the magic happens

    I don't have a pic of the corner where our linishers, drills, slip roll and vertical mill is. Its always a mess anyway. We're not a massive shop, just a few dudes playing with cool toys..
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  7. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    I guess I might as well post the office if I'm going all out
    IMG_20190406_082854.jpg IMG_20190406_082904.jpg
    We made the driving simulator, of course you gotta have stainless exhaust on it!
  8. Cutlass

    Cutlass Platinum Level Contributor

    Do have to remove shoes when entering the workshop? :)
    It looks really clean and in good order. I might be old school, but I pay attention to cleaniness and order in a workshop before I place an order. My experience is, that the quality of the work and the pride in craftmanship are reflected in the shape the workshop is kept.
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  9. BennyK81

    BennyK81 Well-Known Member

    Man this is amazing! Really love it!! Thanks for the pics!

    I absolutely agree on that! It is my credo as well!
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  10. Brandon Cocola

    Brandon Cocola Well-Known Member

    Well I have to say I worked in a job shop and it looked nothing like that. The equpipment yes but not all brand new stuff and you wouldn't be picking up your sandwich and taking a bite if it fell on the floor. I was in the office putting on the jobs and doing the cad work.

    I just got a 135 mig last year so I can stick things together but it's not pretty, that's what the grinder is for, lol.
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  11. BennyK81

    BennyK81 Well-Known Member

    Here is the garage I am the aftersales manager for (usually there are other cars on the lifts :) )

    But I have to admit my office is not nearly as cool as yours!!

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  12. 70staged

    70staged Well-Known Member

    Lots of practice. I can lay down some pretty good beads with both of my migs but I’m still practicing on my tig. I would say a few more months of working with the tig and I can make something that looks half decent. Nothing like you or Steve though. That will be a year or 2 down the road.
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  13. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    Holler if you get stuck.
    Interesting floor. I like it! I see the speaker on the wall, gotta let the boys play their music :cool:
  14. BennyK81

    BennyK81 Well-Known Member

    It's easy to keep clean. In the background right in the corner you can see the floor cleaning machine :)
    Yes we do have internet radio and sometimes they can choose the radio station!

    We could use some of your shop furniture on the walls haha
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  15. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    Cones kick my ass everytime
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  16. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    Its difficult to get good pix of welds
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  17. BennyK81

    BennyK81 Well-Known Member

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  18. HeavensDevil

    HeavensDevil Well-Known Member

    I went away on vacation and now I'm back trying to shake the rust off.

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  19. Steve Reynolds

    Steve Reynolds SRE Inc

    "I went away on vacation and now I'm back trying to shake the rust off. "

    I hear ya!! Been welding more as of late and I can tell that the more often I weld, the better rhythm I get along with a little better results. Now...….. if I welded every day instead of once or twice a week I think I'd do better! LOL VC sample weld 4.jpg
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  20. 65Larkin

    65Larkin Well-Known Member

    HeavensDevil & Steve Reynolds I am in awe of your work. I am definitely a grinder but things seem to stick together well enough ( even when I hit the wall lol ).
    HeavensDevil your shop is amazing as is the office - as an Anzac brother I have to ask for a pic of fridge and contents ;-)
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