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    Uh oh, who let the Pontiac guy in here? I kid...

    BTW, I have your book. Or a couple of them actually, lol.
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    Notice the "G" notation?

    G "OTHERWISE SAME AS 1237661"

    And "FRIST USED 1971".

    Isn't 1237661 a 1971 455 production head?

    Wonder if they copied the 1971 head for intake side and then made modifications on exhaust side for the Stg2. Hence the otherwise same as.

    And you can clearly see this blueprint is for the production Stg2 head and not the vertical boss head.

    Cool! Thanks for sharing.
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    The 455 in the top left behind the funky sheet metal intake on the cover of the May 1970 Hot Rod magazine appears to have stock production heads on it. The magnifying glass helped me see the divet between the 2 center exhaust ports. I have not seen the 1969 Engines Annual that Gary talks about and sure would like to see it or a copy of the article.

    The heads that Guy mentioned were indeed on a White with Green stripes GS. They are engineering heads. How many were produced is a good question. The intake port appears to be identical to the Stage 2 heads. I know this because I cc'd iron Stage 2 intake ports and the intake port on these heads. I also had both flowed on the same bench on the same day, the result is the intake flow numbers were identical. The exhaust is different with very interesting exhaust ports and do not flow like the Stage 2's but do flow much better than the production heads. The person that originally had the heads never did get the matching exhaust manifolds. He stated that the heads were part of a Stage 3 project that he worked on at Buick. The exhaust bolt pattern is identical between the production heads and the experimental heads. It took many hours with a die grinder to get the production manifolds to match the ports. The other head in the picture is an untouched production head. The experimental heads have not had a die grinder on them, they are as cast or tested by Buick.

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    Those are awesome! Thanks for sharing, now I need a pair.
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    Thanks for buying my books, wovenweb! Yes, I am a Pontiac guy first and foremost, but I enjoy all GM products, especially Buick and Olds. I collect Pontiac literature and snag cool Buick pieces whenever I can find them.

    I have always been interested in Buick's Stage 2 cylinder head but it seems information is rather scarce. That's why I follow this thread. Seeing the original blueprint is amazing. I have some full size Pontiac prints that I've gathered over the years. They are extremely helpful when researching parts or programs.

    Nick, thanks for sharing!
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    thanks Rocky, I will try to post more pics later.
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    Ask the question in a different way: Did anyone here actually buy new iron Stage 2 heads from a Buick dealership, or do you know of someone who did? If so, details please.
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    Doug Jones did.
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