Finally Rolling Again

Discussion in 'Drag'n Wagons' started by DoubleD, Jul 6, 2005.

  1. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    Just finished getting the front suspension under the car again,replaced all the front end parts,brakes etc. Going to pick-up the oil pan for the 430 this week,i am converting to 430-4-speed,something different i guess.Nice to work on a rust free car for a change,came from NC last year.I will try to keep updating as project progresses.Plain old 64 skylark wagon,had to take the windows out due to the seals rotting out on them :3gears: [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG][/IMG]
  2. SharpSabre455

    SharpSabre455 Sloan says "It's Rare!"

    Wish my front end looked like that! Nice job!
  3. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    front end

    Thanks,por-15 and lots of time ,luckily no rust,but the straight por-15 is very uv sensitive,i have to keep it covered till i get sheetmetal back on :laugh:
  4. fastest430

    fastest430 Well-Known Member

    I can relate, Just got my sporty mobile again,after some trouble on the trip home from BG .I hope to test and tune at the BPG nats.The wagon really feels STRONG again. :eek2: :3gears: :3gears:
  5. D STAGE 2 455

    D STAGE 2 455 Well-Known Member

    That looks like it's going to be a nice car when you're finished. I just bought a '65 Special wagon. I plan on putting my stage 2 engine in it. :TU:
  6. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member


    Thanks,I Love working on a southern car,i see why they are so popular! Having a rust free car to start on is great.I have to get a posi rear yet,i have some boxed rear control arms so far (ones on car bent beyond repair) : ,and i picked up a nice 4-speed bell housing and flywheel this week for it!,take care.....Darren :3gears:
  7. Dave Hanlon

    Dave Hanlon LARGE MEMBER

    looks great keep us posted :TU:
  8. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    I finally finished the body work on window frames and sprayed some paint on roof section,now i can mount the windows back in and carry on with the rest of the car!.....Darren[​IMG][/IMG] [​IMG][/IMG]
  9. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    Bit By Bit

    I finished the dent work on passenger side today and shot it with etching primer/primer surfacer.I finally got the windows back in,it sucked mounting the windows,next time i will pay to have it done :Brow: [​IMG]
  10. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    New Paint??

    I dont think i like the light blue anymore,i was wondering how White or a darker blue would look,what does anyone else think?? :Do No: Darren
  11. BuickWidow

    BuickWidow 67 GS Needs help

    Not white,boring.Try marina blue ,67 GM color.
  12. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    I have been leaning towards the new Ford Colour on the 05 mustangs,kinda medium dusty blue?? With the new colours can you only get them in base clear or can you get them in acrylic enamels? I know its a Ford colour but its either that or the deep copper 05 Gm colour??..Darren
  13. jmccart

    jmccart John McCarthy

    Nice wagon, keep on postin photos.
  14. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    Finally got the drivers side done,before the snow starts![​IMG][/IMG]
  15. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    Now i can start on this :( [​IMG][/IMG]
  16. SportWagon66

    SportWagon66 Well-Known Member

    The wagon looks good Not sure what color blue you are spraying but here is my 66 sporty in astro blue poly

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  17. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    Thats a nice colour,the top i sprayed with wedgewood blue,almost like baby blue but i think i like the darker colours like yours thanks for pic....Darren
  18. myriviera

    myriviera Well-Known Member

    Did ya get any of that Por 15 on ya anywhere, That stuff is awesome on a car but man its rough on the skin..... Your car looks great, love seeing a Buick get the TLC it needs specially since its a cool wagon.................. Your garage looks like mine, my wife wants it back but not till the car is done...
  19. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    Yes it does take a while to wear the por 15 off of the skin. :Dou: almost as long as the window urethane.Luckily my wife doesnt drive but that doesn't mean i dont hear about the motors and transmissions and other assorted stuff in the garage every day!.. :Smarty: Oh well hopefully get the interior done this winter and motor rebuilt then maybe :3gears: Darren
  20. DoubleD

    DoubleD Well-Known Member

    Finally got the interior parts painted and was wondering where is a good supplier for carpets,i priced one in Ontario here for 185 canadian,is this a good price??,thanks.

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