Fire red paint recommendations

Discussion in 'Color is everything!' started by SCamaroSS2000, Dec 16, 2017.

  1. SCamaroSS2000

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    I am getting my 70 GS painted. It is Fire Red. What brands do you recommend or formula to get as close to original as possible?

  2. hugger

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    Code 75, PPG single stage "Concept" would be my choice.

    Polish the cowl up and just tint to match, if there is still healthy paint in the trunk jamb use it, but the cowls got covered pretty good at the factory

    Get two quarts of DP epoxy in one in white and one in red, that will obviously make a pink mix it as a sealer 4:1:2.5 that will give almost instant coverage and then on the last coat cocktail it with some 2021 clear and it will be Ridiculously deep looking once cut and buffed

    Gallon of red Concept will be high probably $400+ but it's really good stuff that's extremely durable buffs out excellent but its cheaper than a base clear system
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  3. gstewart

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    Mine was painted with BASF base then clear.

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