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    So my Electra had this dull spot on the rear bumper where the chrome has diminished from 50+ years of the single exhaust steaming it up.
    I was well into it before the realization came that I should document this. All that was left was only this strip. The product I used was Flitz metal polish. I had used 2 different chrome polish products and neither did anything but to load up the oxidation and make it duller. The dulling went all around from the raised area to the bumper tip.
    Now just to be clear Flitz is a bare metal polish and it sux on good chrome. It leaves a dull bluish film that must be recleaned with real chrome polish. What I was dealing with here is what's under the chrome not the chrome itself. The layer of metal was dull and heavily oxidized so a bare metal polish is perfect. What the Flitz did was to polish that metal and remove the oxidation. Lots of black came up on the cloth as it cleaned. I continued polishing until the Flitz had disappeared otherwise it stayed dull and left swirl marks if I tried to buff it off once dry. Afterward lots of buffing with a clean cloth is necessary to remove it from the grain in the metal. Is it as good as a rechrome, no. Funds are not in place for that to happen this year. But it does deflect attention from a spot that would be focused on. If you have dull weathered chrome give it a try it may work for you too. This process will not work on rusted and/or pitted chrome. - Bill 20181023_135253.jpg
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